How Bitcoin and Other Crypto-currency will impact the way we invest in real estate.

I am really excited for how “block chain” technology is going to change how we buy and invest, and lending in real estate investing.

REX is a listing service and application for real estate transactions that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

REX is an application that is developed to fix major flaws and inefficiencies in todays process of buying, selling, sharing or choosing real estate. The process of a real estate transaction comes with high costs of transaction and searching, therefore making it inefficient and time-consuming. Due to these inefficiencies, barriers exist, which hinder various entities to enter the market. Existing (centralized) platforms are somewhat difficult, as people bump into all kinds of problems, when trying to identify their optimal object. Rules, conditions and fees are dictated to users.

REX pursuits the vision that listing data in real estate markets should be a free service. Anyone should be able to simply list an object without needing permission to do so. By being build on Ethereum , the REX system is able to provide this model of open and free access to network participants. Users data cannot be accessed by anyone else, while third party advertisements, like competing brokers, are effectively prevented.

I like the ideas of an open real estate marketplace but I find the idea of tokenized ownership even more appealing. Real estate still has an aura of financial safety and steady returns. Therefore, the REX business model could be a huge success: Individuals would be enabled to invest in real estate without needing to invest large sums. Additionally, token holders could sell their real estate stake fast and easy. Todays major construction projects are usually funded with the help of funds, making the process complex and costly. Just imagine that the next skyscraper is financed with the help of a crowd-based token approach. Cool stuff…


California-based blockchain startup Propy is building a global peer-to-peer real estate exchange platform with decentralized title registry aimed at facilitating international real estate purchases.

Built on Ethereum, the platform promises to automate real time transaction process using smart contracts, enabling greater efficiency, lesser paperwork and lower costs for buyers and sellers in the global real estate marketplace.

“Propy is proposing a new decentralized global real estate market with a unified real-time transaction interface approaching the functionality and speed of electronic stock market exchange platforms,” said Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy. “It will allow real estate assets to become liquid, while providing users with greater control and protection of their property rights.”

Propy California

Ubitquity  offers a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property with our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blockchain platform. We help e-recording companies, title companies, municipalities, and custom clients benefit from a clean record of ownership, thereby reducing future title search time, increased confidence and transparency. We’ve created a fully functioning, easy to use platform for inputting property information, including uploading and record documents onto the blockchain. The early adopters of Ubitquity have the most to gain from improved efficiency and reduced transaction costs.


Cryptocurrency market has seen extraordinary growth in last Quarter.

Tips for altcoin investment:

  • Check for google news before investing into any altcoin, watch current sentiments.
  • Any sentiments from fund raise, new feature, new bug, system fail, crypto-currency exchange listing and delisting effects the price of altcoin in both positive and negative manner.
  • Read carefully about the last three months growth chart, last month growth chart, 24 Growth chart and 6 hours growth chart. Build your decision accordingly.
  • Read media about altcoins, know about their services, USP and market potential before making a decision.
  • Always diversify your portfolio, invest in around 4–10 coins to lower down the market risk.
  • The market is very volatile, Don’t forget the market risk, Invest accordingly.

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