Is It Work, Or Is It A Magic Button

I think there are two types of real estate gurus out there.   The ones who will tell you upfront that real estate investing is work.  They tell you honestly that it is NOT easy, and that you HAVE to suffer!!!    I had such a horrible journey when I started investing that I almost quit before I started making money in real estate investing.

Then on the other extreme, you have the “magic push button” marketers… hit this one button and cash literally starts flowing out of your computer and you are doing deals  in minutes…  I am sure you get plenty of these types of emails everyday promising 1000’s of dollars for easy work.

I’m in the middle. You don’t have to work yourself 12 hours a day, you don’t need to wait 5 years for it to all kick in…  If you’re not making money, what will it take to get your first deal done?  If you are making money, what’s the next step to take your real estate business to the next level? If you’re at $10,000 dollars month to go 30,000 a month?

Lets first break it down into smaller bites.   If you’re already at 10k, go for 12k.  Most of the time I was putting in the time and not making money, I was:

1. Buying all the latest courses and learning too much, taking tons of notes and no action.
2. Trying to do to many strategies at once. I was always looking at the latest “shiny bangle” get rich quick launch.
3. I wasn’t being consistent with my marketing efforts, I wasn’t doing “four daily tasks” to keep generating leads
4. Not working set hours, clear boundaries or heading towards any real goals

It was only when I started making a daily  commitment  to

1. Making offers…

2. Marketing ...

That was when I started to see my success!   Those task are  EASY. There’s a tiny bit of a learning curve, but isn’t that how anything new is? It’s only tough once, then it’s easy.   Let me make your journey as easy as possible by SHOWING you in my e-mail course as a preview to my Platinum Virtual Real Estate Investing and Marketing system .  I will provide you with everything you need, every step of the way, to be a success in real estate!

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