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driverBy Michelle Spalding.

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and knowing that I control my destiny.  That everything I need and want will be provided to me if I focus on it, believe in it, take action in the direction of it and be thankful even before it arrives.  Sometimes it’s the simplest thing like “asking” that delays receiving what I want.

Several years ago I had a little car issue and I couldn’t figure out how I’d attracted it.  I can assure you it wasn’t something I wanted and I wasn’t grateful for it either.  It wasn’t anything major, but the bell that lets you know that you’ve left the door open would not turn off.  It started off as one of those little annoying every once in a while thing and then turned into a major every time I drove anywhere I had to hear the ding, ding, ding.

Like many entrepreneurs I am busy and hadn’t made time to have it fixed.  I also found a temporary solution – turn up the radio really loud and sing along, it actually helped for a while.  The kids however had issues with it, especially the singing part!  Not to mention that when I’d get a call and have to tell the caller sorry about the noise, my car is a bit flakey.

Fast forward a few noisy weeks to a Saturday night on the town with some friends and I’m the designated driver so we take my car.  Everyone in the car had to endure the ding, ding, ding on journey.  Thankfully it wasn’t too long of one.

Somewhere along the way one of my passengers asked “have you had that awful ding, ding, ding looked at?” Laughing I said  “of course not, I’m too busy and besides, I don’t do a lot of driving, my commute to work is only a few steps from the kitchen”  Her reply “this is crazy – I can help you, why didn’t you just ask me?”

I honestly couldn’t find a good reason, other than I thought figured she busy with her life and business and I didn’t want to be a bother.  Nonsense, I was told, when you need something, ANYTHING, just ask.   Someone is always there to help you.

The very next day I received a text message telling me someone would fix it, no problem.  I took a short drive to with the ding, ding, ding to meet with a friend of a friend who knows a bit about cars.  Turns out it was a loose sensor and it took a few turns of the screwdriver to repair it.  I must say, it was pure bliss driving without the ding, ding, ding.

Moral of my story – if you need something, don’t be stubborn, hard headed or hesitant, just ask. The School of Hard Knocks isn’t as sexy as some who have graduated would like us to believe, learn from them, don’t follow them.   Don’t try to do it all yourself, or suffer with unwanted situations because you don’t know how to do something new.  There are many experts, people with specialized knowledge, talents and skills that can help you solve problems, create faster results and often times save you boat loads of money.  Find them, utilize their experience and expertise to propel you to the place where you want to be.

Don’t endure the ding, ding, ding in your life, just ask, there is always someone nearby who can help you achieve the results you want.

Michelle Spalding

Transaction Management Consultants
T: (407) 622-4862 x 121

E: Michelle@OnlineClosingTeam.com

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