Update On Karen Hanover Scam – Threats

I found out today that Karen  Hanover was asking other gurus how much money I have so she can file a 10 million dollar lawsuit against me.  She is claiming that I have slandered and defamed her and because of this  she has suffered financially.


Karen, Why Commencing A Defamation Action Might Not Be A Good Idea For You, But you can try …. While you may be angry enough to file a lawsuit, there are some very good reasons why actions for defamation may not be a good idea.

The publicity that results from a defamation lawsuit will create a greater audience for the statements than have been previously enjoyed. For example, when the newspapers and TV news show picks up the story of your  lawsuit (and they will),  the entire real estate investing community will now know about your actions!   As the media is much more apt to cover a lawsuit than to cover its ultimate resolution, the net effect may be that large numbers of people hear the allegations, but never learn how the litigation was resolved.

Another big issue is that defamation cases tend to be difficult to win, and damage awards tend to be small.  The fees expended in litigating even a successful defamation action can exceed the total recovery.

Another significant concern is that,  it’s not be possible for you the plantiff to prove all of the elements of defamation. Most people will respond to news that a plaintiff lost a defamation lawsuit by concluding that the allegations were true.

In other words, the plaintiff in a defamation action may be required to expend a considerable amount of money to bring the action, may experience significant negative publicity which repeats the false accusations, and if unsuccessful in the litigation may cement into the public consciousness the belief that the defamatory accusations were true.

So Karen , are you prepared to go head to head?

1. I am going to have sworn statements from some very unhappy students of yours!

2. Publicly bring out your background and qualifications!

3. People will become aware of the fake organizations created by you purely to enhance your reputation and course.

4. Formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission on how you paid off people to blog/ email/ and other methods of endorsement so you can make sales.

Karen, simply refund the money to those students who have asked for a refund and do what you say / promised you would do for them !!!

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