Linkedin Super Growth Plan

If you follow this plan, you will have a Linkedin Network of over 6 Million people in 48 hours

Step 1: Get a Linkedin Profile if you don’t have one yet. Click Here. Make sure you have a half decent looking profile before continuing, have a picture, the basic info filled in and at least one JOB’s details.

Step 2: Become a LION/Opennetworker/Toplinked/”Count me in” Person SAY WHAT?: An Open networker is a person who accepts all invites. They come in many forms, LION’s (Linked in Open Networker), Opennetworker, TOPLINKED

(Barack Obama used to be one until he became the President) , “Count me in” and many others. If you are an open networker and you invite an open networker, they are obliged to accept your invite and become part of your network. Its like mutually agreeing to use each other for the purposes of getting a bigger network, that means getting more from Linkedin.

There may be an exchange of copied and pasted responses once you connect, but for the most part they may be ignored as they don’t really mean anything.  IMPORTANT: Make sure you have email rules setup that sends all your Linkedin notification emails to a folder that you can periodically empty. You will be getting at least one for each person that joins your network. That’s a lot of mails to delete and fish from your inbox.

GET STARTED: Firstly you need to let people know that you are an open networker kinda person. So put it in your profile. HOW? Make your profile look like this.

You can stick any of the detail behind  your job title. (Home – Edit profile) You do not need to add your email address. This can be removed once you decide you have enough connections. (You wouldn’t want to though…)  Now everyone can see they can invite you and you will accept. Nice, but very slow so push it up a gear.

STEP 3: Join some of the open networker groups ( see bottom of this post for some suggestions.) Some may take a day or two to approve your request but most are quick. Once inside you can add your name to the “INVITE ME LISTS” if you want , people who then individually invite, can invite you. It’s still slow so don’t expect too much. I suggest these groups. (LION, LION500, TOPLINKED, COUNT ME IN, OPENNETWORKER)

Now that you are ready for some serious network building….

STEP 4: Gather lists of people who want to be invited.  These are known as “count me in” lists among other things. You can also Google for more lists, but these are big enough to get your network over 6 million. HOW do I know how big my network is? From your profile click on “Contacts” and select “Network Statistics”. It will make for an interesting before and after comparison.

How what about these lists? ( If you are a Platinum student, I give them to you as part of my course) Lets use them….

STEP 5: Upload bulk contacts that you know will accept.

Follow this link:

Then simply upload the files you have downloaded (You’ll have to do them one at a time), follow the procedure and look for a message box on the right of the page. NOW: Insert the following message in the space provided. (Verbatim is good)

As we are both Open Networkers I’d like to connect with you, if you decide to decline this invitation please archive this message. COUNT ME IN!!
Thank you.
“Your Name”

Leave it for 48 hours and see how many connections you get. Your network will consist of the people you connected to, everyone they are connected to and everyone those connections are connected to. Your network statistics should be over 6 million (If it’s not the weekend). To make sure, you can individually invite well connected opennetworkers simple by searching in teh people tab and then connecting.

TIP: To make your Linkedin network more effective for YOUR GOALS, connect to Open Networkers who are in your areas of interest, and join groups whose members connect you to people you want to collaborate with. (Linkedin limits you to joining 50 groups at a time) 

Invitation to join the Top LinkedIn Open Networking groups…

If you are serious about expanding your opportunities and connections then you should be part of ALL of the three largest open networking groups on LinkedIn: (click the group’s link to see if you are already a group participant and/or to join):

TopLinked Group – this is our main group and is by far the largest open networker group on LinkedIn (75,000+ participants)

OpenNetworker Group (35,000+ participants)

LION500 Group (30,000+ participants)

You should also consider adding yourself to the Invite Me List – it is the safe and easy way to invite 75,000+ of your fellow open networkers to connect: (click here for more information)

There are also many other specialized groups for more targeted networking opportunities, the full list is at:

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