Make Your Life Easier with an Automated Real Estate System

You are probably raising that brow and not surprisingly so. With the economy in shambles, people jobless and homes abandoned, the evening news would easily make you believe the real estate investing  is dead for the time being. That’s simply untrue.

Despite the economic downturn, now is an excellent time to buy. And people are buying. And why not? If you’ve got the money, there are plenty of cheap buys. As a investor this presents a very good opportunity for you to really earn easy, fast profits!   Here’s how:

1. Be tech savvy. Where do people go when they need information? The internet, of course. Information at your fingertips is literally available online. The internet is the ultimate one-stop source of information.

2. Automate your Real Estate business. What’s an online business for if it doesn’t free you of routine tasks? And there are many routine tasks in a real estate business. Scouring for good deals is one and is probably one of the most important tasks you must automate. You’ve got competition and you can be sure it’s a race to the finish line.

3. Get your life back!  Work the four hour work week.  When you automate your business, your role shifts to being the deal maker instead of doing the donkey work.

4. Flip Bank Real Estate Owned (REOs) properties  with an Automated Real Estate System for the fastest way to profit in today’s market.

You’ve heard of automated forex trading, and in the same light is a product called ” The Rapid Offer Generator”  (ROG).   This software is a complete  Automated Real Estate System that takes advantage of the power of technology and the internet to buy and sell real estate online to make huge profits.  Using a business system and automation are both important, the following is the system, software and the plan we have for you. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Identify REO’s properties per the MLS and RealtyTrac , or the REO Deal Hunter.
  2. Analyze the properties for offer price and ARV
  3. Submit offers via fax, email and SMS text
  4. Upon offer acceptance, take pics and upload to website with property details
  5. Blast properties to buyer’s list
  6. Close and get PAID

If you need to do a double closing, which would require transactional funding we have funding for you!

With the Rapid Offer Generator, real estate investors and businesses can take advantage of making multiple offers on property in minutes.  Since real estate investing is a numbers game… the more offers you make , the better your chances are of getting a deal done, the software can literally make 100’s of offers in minutes.

The ROG System also allows you to find potential buyers and investors to make things easier.  The system is as simple as matching people with properties they want in whatever  area.  So if you have a buyer, match it with a property and voila, you close a deal.  All of this can be done online ,  virtually!   The system can cut the workload of an investor by  90% percent.  That alone works like you have at least ten people working for you! If you’ve got an automated system like Rapid Offer Generator, you stay ahead of your competition without the stress.  Visit it now at , its only $49 a month!

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