My 2011 Prediction: The Year To Take Advantage of Multi-Family Investing

2011 is the Year of the Apartment Building! Nearly a trillion dollars of commercial mortgages are coming due in the next 18 months – and many of those loans are on clean, suburban Apartment Buildings that will go into foreclosure.

Over the last two years fortunes were made by smart people that found ways to take advantage of the foreclosure crisis in single family homes. The opportunity is going to be even bigger with Apartment Buildings in 2011.  That makes 2011 the year for you to get your name on at least ONE Apartment Building deed. And it’s easier than you think.

I know many of you have been cheated or ripped off by so called real estate gurus who promote commercial investing, yet they have never done a deal in their lives.

BUT…. Are you really serious about 2011? I have put together a special offer for serious investors who do desire to be successful without having to spend a fortune, put up with other sales pitches. This is a pure education event, at a price so ridiculous its not funny.

Here is the Deal…..  I have gotten two attorneys together who are active investors to take you step by step through the entire process, and to break it down methodically so you “get it”  Because this is going to be a recorded event, and I want to film in front of a live audience, the seminar price is reduced to 10% of the real cost. Its only $197 dollars. This is a one time offer.  Sure its short notice as its two weeks away .. but do you have the guts, and the desire to make 2011 the best year ever and finally be financially free?  If you can’t spend $197 dollars in your education.. then you deserve to be where you are now.  I will sleep well knowing that I have done everything in my power to help you.  Will you sleep well knowing you COULD have had this one time chance to make your life better…

Are you ready to step up .. Then  join us at the “Multi-family Investing Academy” on January 15th and 16th in Phoenix, Arizona.

This exclusive and new event will not only teach you how to find and procure multi-family deals but also how to finance them! This event is taught by two attorneys who are also real estate investors. You will get two intense days of education. No outside speakers, no fluff, no BS, no “motivational speeches,” – just the real deal on multi-family investing and financing.

Seating is very limited and so is the price of $197! This event normally sells for $1997.

We will also give you tons of bonus materials to get started with.  We GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction at this event.

Register now  –

NOTE:  I am not speaking. There is NOTHING to be sold at this event. It is pure education from the two attornies.

I DO NOT COMPETE WITH KAREN HANOVER. MY motivation to put on this event, is to HELP people who were ripped off, and / or mislead how to invest in muli-family investing.  What she taught at her bootc amp about no money down deals is MISLEADING!!!

I have my own investment fund to buy apartment buildings.. I am not going to teach you my methods.  The ONLY way to do business with me is to complete an accredited investor questionaire found on my business site.

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