Open Call To Karen Hanover – Prove Your Statements

To Karen Hanover:

Open Call Invite to get on a Webinar to Prove your statements you made in public.

Deadbeat Dad? Really? My kids live in Phoenix and I fly out there 10 times per year and fly them to be with  me every summer. In the last three years we’ve vacationed all around the United States! – Check the photos on FaceBook!

Dishonorably Discharged? Actually I’ve served my country in TWO different branches of the service and have 5 commendations for my service to my country!

The reality is that you Karen Hanover are a LIAR!

The solution: I stand behind anything that I’ve said and I am publicly (and privately sending an email to Karen Hanover) inviting Karen onto a webinar at 7:00 PM with an open forum. I do not expect her to show and if she does great.

On the webinar, I will show you:

1. My Divorce Decree with Custody and Visitation Agreement

2. My Honorable Discharge DD214 and commendations, with letters of appreciation, and more

3. Electronic Documentation of All My Child support payments made EARLY

4. Pictures, of my files of my houses bought and sold – Land Trust agreements – etc

5. All other proof needed to show Karen Hanover is lying and making false public statement in an attempt to discredit me trying to improve her position.

If she does not I’ll turn it into a bonus training session for you where I will teach the magic of short sales for 45 minutes. Nothing for sale, just hard core real estate training.

Please, if anyone knows Karen Hanover personally please forward this email to her and invite her on the call.


As expected Karen Hanover did not show up for the call, BUT 30 angry fast track students did who were waiting to ask questions of her and / or demand their money back.
Karen Hanover is a fraud who will take your money and then turn her back on you.   You had your chance Karen to do the right thing. .You did not.. You showed your true colors. Your lies are unbearable.


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