Automate Your Social Media Marketing with Fiverr MicroWorkers

I’d like to share a few underground tools you can use to automate your social media marketing. The first one is a site called is basically a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5. Thus, allowing you to automate a multitude of tasks for just $5.

So, for example, here are just a few of the tasks you can get done on Fiverr for just $5…

· Get people to build backlinks
· Post your content to social media sites
· Write Articles
· Setup WordPress
· Build your Twitter following
· Create a professional logo
· Design your banners
· Create Customized Twitter Backgrounds
· Gather Research
· Setup your Facebook Fan Page
· Transcription
· Keyword Research
· Social Bookmarking
· Create Accounts on each of the top social bookmarking websites
· Install Scripts
· Voiceovers
· Post to Yahoo Answers
· Setup Google Analytics
· Audio Intros/Jingles
· Manually submit your article to the Top 25 Article Directories
· Press Release Submissions

WOW !!!  Now stop working so hard and just plan your marketing !!!!



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