Rapid Offer Generator for the MLS Software Announced

Greenville based real estate investment expert Duncan Wierman has announced the upcoming launch of his Rapid Offer Generator software. This unique software application allows real estate investors to make hundreds of offers on foreclosure properties and then fax and email in to the agent.

The recession and accompanying credit crunch have led to an unprecedented number of foreclosure properties; and while it’s a tragic situation it has also opened up many new opportunities for real estate investment.

Foreclosed properties are available for a fraction of their market value, which has generated a lot of interest in the profits to be made through investing in the foreclosure market. However, not everyone is a real estate professional and a lot of newly minted property investors find it a challenge to locate, analyze suitable properties, or make offers and close the deal. To address this need, Wierman has developed a tool for investors eager to make the most of the current real estate market.

Rapid Offer Generator’s creator explains his new real estate investment software, saying “A lot of people are seeing that there is a sort of silver lining to this particular dark cloud; with so much foreclosure property out there, people who never thought about getting into real estate before are starting to take notice of the opportunities out there”.

“The problem though is that it can be tough to really take advantage of these opportunities. Essentially, real estate investing is a numbers game – you need to make a lot of offers and get your message across to sellers. The more people you can get in touch with and the more offers you can make on the right properties, the better you’ll do. A lot of people who’d like to invest in foreclosure don’t have the time to do everything themselves or the resources to hire real estate agents to take care of it – so I developed Rapid Offer Generator to allow anyone and everyone to access this market in as little time as possible”, Wierman continues.

Wierman sees the Rapid Offer Generator software being a valuable tool for both seasoned real estate investors and newcomers to the field looking to reduce their marketing costs and maximize their return on investment. Certainly, there has been a lot of demand for software which can streamline the process of finding foreclosure properties and making offers; giving Wierman and his software a large potential audience eager for solutions. A tool which could transform the often complex tasks of property investment into something which the novice real estate investor can easily handle on their own is sure to capture a significant market share and be a game changer in the real estate industry. Rapid Offer Generator will be launching their software shortly and this is one company investors will want to keep an eye on.

For more information on Rapid Offer Generator,
please visit: http://www.rapidoffergenerator.com

Students of Duncan’s Platinum System get this software included with their membership.


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