Real Estate Investing Cheat Sheet

Sometimes we can get so busy with the day to day that we forget the fundamentals. And of course as with anything it’s the fundamentals that make the difference. If you need to get started (or restarted), if you’re stuck or you’ve hit a plateau then go back to these points. I have listed these in no particular order but none the less they are all important things to remember.

#1. Do a little homework and find a reputable teacher, author or coach that has proven track record and is a recognized authority in any given area. I’m not talking about someone that has had success selling courses. I’m referring to real world results in the areas you need help with.

#2. Your teacher will be able to help you identify a proven, repeatable system which you can model. Choose something you can see yourself doing, something that you can make a connection with. Also, your teacher will be able to recommend other learning material that is beneficial, separating the gold from the crap.

#3. Once you identify a suitable mentor make every effort to learn everything you can from them from their free information, low priced paid guides up to the coaching and consulting options. Make this investment in yourself, believe me in the long run you’ll save a lot of time and money. This approach is more productive than chasing every new miracle of the week.

#4. Don’t try and learn everything all at once, it’s overwhelming. Absorb what material you can, take baby steps – but do get moving. For example, I’m not an expert programmer but I’m an expert at manipulating code for the purposes of SEO. I know what I need to know and leave the rest to experts I can hire cheaply.

#5. Know that by doing you will find your own style and discover alternative angles of profitability that you could not have planned for in advance. For example, I know from experience when I try and speculate in the housing market, I’m almost always wrong. I have to stick to solid investing principals.

#6. Be realistic in your expectations and treat this as a real business. Remember it’s sometimes discouraging what you can accomplish in 3 weeks but it’s amazing what you can do in a year!

#7. STOP buying every shiny product that comes out, STOP participating in boring webinars, STOP taking advice from unqualified wannabes and unsubscribe from ALL the distracting email lists. Know that most guides are just ideas and theory from the shovel sellers.

#8. Don’t get caught making busy work but never really accomplishing anything. It all comes down to spending your time on high priority activity that will directly make you money. Only work on tasks that have to do with generating income such as, lead generation, marketing, networking. Know in advance what you are going to work on. List 5 high priority tasks on a 3×5 card and accomplish these first. If you do not get through them add to them to the next days list.

#9. It’s what you do consistently that makes a difference, make an effort with whatever time you have to work your plan everyday – even if its baby steps it’s progress none the less. Make steady consistent effort executing your plan, noticing what’s working and what’s not, tweaking it along the way.

#10. If you want to succeed in real estate investing you must be 100% committed. This can’t be something you wish you could do, or hope to do – it has to be a must. What makes you tick and what makes me tick is different, we both have different motivation. You need to write down a goal in detail with emotional intensity and visualize how this will make you feel when you achieve it. This is what will motivate you to move forward.

The key to it all – always strive for quality and make every effort to add value! Don’t get caught trying to scheme how you can make a dollar or two, if this is your mindset, believe me you will end up giving this back one way or another. Try your best to add value and by doing so you will make more money as a result.

Please be one of the few that sees things through. Once you establish yourself and start earning enough money to sustain your lifestyle the freedom you’ll experience is incredible!

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