Real Estate investing has changed… for good

Let’s just admit it. 

Real estate investing may never return to the heyday of easy financing, strong employment and steady appreciation we had before the recession. But the thing is, PLENTY of investors are doing great out there in THIS market.

In fact, entire new niches have emerged over the past few years that are super-hot and super-profitable. For example, had anyone even heard about bulk REOs or delinquent note investing 5 years ago?  Now we’ve got massive hedge funds bum-rushing the banks to snap up their bad loans and REOs by the $millions.

Who knows what’s next?

Really, there’s only one sure-fire way I know of to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s working TODAY, and that’s to hang out with other successful investors who are actually doing deals and making money.  The more I hang out with smart, super-successful investors, the more I learn… and the more money I make.

Anyway, I just heard about a very cool gathering of some of these elite, successful investors, and  it’s happening in inof my favorite towns, Las Vegas,in October. I definitely think you should check it out.

Here’s the scoop…

The coolest part of this event is that it’s all about the matrix of real estate investing, note investing, and “Marketing 3.0.” NO ONE else is teaching this stuff, folks.

In fact, even if weren’t one of the 30+ speakers there (I am), I would go as a student. And what is even better, as one of my students….you can get in on the EARLY BIRD Pricing if you ACT NOW!

Plus, I can vouch for Jack, the organizer of the event. I can tell you that when he talks, I listen… And hey, it’s Vegas… 🙂
Jack told me the Early Bird price is only good for a few more days, so jump on this now.

I always thought note investors were kinda geeky, pocket protector types, but then Jack tells me how his group is KILLING it in social marketing…, so I guess I need to cross over to the “smart kids” table and find out what they’re up to… 🙂 This is gonna be good, and the networking alone will be worth the trip.

Find out more HERE

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