Real Estate Mogul Review – “How to Flip A House To A Hedge Fund” Scam

For all you people being inundated with emails about “How To Flip A House to A Hedge Fund” …

Please ask yourself, Why would a hedge fund buy from you directly?

Don’t you think a hedge fund can just call up any bank direct? Do you know that every major investing fund has dedicated people to deal with distressed assets direct from banks, buying from REO agents, and Auctions!

I am not denying the fact that Hedge Funds are buying Single Family Homes
See Forbes article : HERE

This is not the end of the world for real estate investing world.  What a bunch of monkeys marketing this crap with scare tactics.

If you have a real estate deal that makes sense, anyone will buy your deal.  The claim that you can take any house and an investment fund will pay over and above appraised value is completely nonsense. That makes no financial sense. Funds must make a return for investors.

So why would a hedge fund not buy up every house on the MLS over asking price?

What does a hedge fund look for:

Market disruptions.  They buy distressed assets  and then hold them until the market repairs itself .   Hedge funds must make a positive return for their investors.  There is a time  limit to obtain to obtain a return, which is likely between 5-10 years by selling  at much higher prices.

For the majority of real estate investors, hedge fund are not located where they invest.  If they are indeed where you live, then sure, let them over pay, as they will be  adding to your net worth by increasing market values across the portfolio.  If the premise of this new course is, keep calling them up on the phone until you get someone to listen that you have a stream of deals coming in.. more power to you. I don’t think you need a course to know how to pick up a phone.

In Summary – this is not the end of the world for real estate investors.

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