Real Estate Website Technology Reviewed

In every economy, in every industry, there will always be winners and losers.  Some will analyze their proficiencies and aptitudes so as to select a career or venture that suits them and their tendencies, put in the effort, get the education, and use the resources at their disposal.  They will learn from others’ mistakes rather than making them all on their own and be willing to accept the help and guidance from those who are already successful in their field.  They will embrace the fact that the greatest riches often require the most dedication, and they will pursue their dreams and goals relentlessly.  They will feel assured in their success because they have taken control of their success.  Their efforts, their education, and their expertise will be what propel them to become what they set out to be.

In the midst of the current real-estate debacle, there will be many of these winners.  Unfortunately there have been, and will continue to be, those who do not prosper.  Aside from the individuals who are victims of the market crash, there are those seeking to profit from the market downturn who will undoubtedly fail.  They see the potential for making what they perceive to be easy money and decide to start their own real estate investing business.  Unfortunately, most of these individuals have not assessed their aptitudes, have not gotten the proper training or education, are not willing to do the hard work that is actually required, and are not prepared to make use of the many resources they have at their disposal.  They expect quick, easy money, and a lot of it, with minimal effort invested.

Instead of realizing that hard work may in fact be required, that some planning and education would help them achieve their goals, they look for yet another quick fix.  This is where new real estate investing management software comes in.  In response to people’s desire to make quick money in real estate without the research and marketing required, some savvy business men and software developers have created a program that claims to take the work out of real estate investing.  The claims made are enough to tantalize even the savviest investor-  that somehow a set of software will do all the work for you and all you’ll have to do is sit back and watch the money come rolling in.

Upon more careful analysis, however, the various claims made seem less and less believable.  The most glaring of these unsupported claims, the very selling point of the entire system, is that human knowledge and ability is imperfect, so therefore a machine that takes the human element out of the process of real estate investing is the answer to every prospective investor’s difficulties.  Unfortunately, what they do not acknowledge is that the computer software itself was created by humans.  If human knowledge and ability is so fundamentally flawed, how can a software program created by humans remove the human element from the real estate investment process?  The answer is: it can’t.

The only thing a software system like this really does is attempt to remove your human element and replace it with the human element of whoever created the software.  Any real businessperson or entrepreneur serious about being successful would do well to put faith in him or herself, in his or her ability to make good decisions, in the effort and marketing that he or she is willing to do, rather than allowing a software program, created by some other person with other motivators, who may work in a different market, catering to a different demographic, make those decisions for them.  If the assumption that a person does not want to be in control his or her own business is true, then perhaps a system like this would be useful, but for those confident in their own abilities, with the intent to create and manage their own wealth, real estate software like this is far to invasive and controlling.

Certainly there is another appeal to this sort of system- if it works, the investor gets to enjoy a lot of easy money, and if it doesn’t, he or she can blame the system, thereby avoiding taking personal responsibility for the results.  But someone who is willing to do the work, with the right education and the right research, will trust no one as much as he trusts himself.  A disorganized, inexperience person looking to make a quick buck might make more using this type of program or software than he would on his own because of his lack of training, education, and experience.  But, a person with training, education and experience who is hardworking and organized doesn’t need a computer or internet system to take over his business.  He or she just needs to work the market.

Having an electronic program do everything for you in an automated manner may seem like it saves you time, but it also takes your expertise, preferences, and instinct out of the equation.  A system like the one advertised is like a proficient administrative assistant at best, and at worst, it can be compared to a micro-managing supervisor.  Most people capable of making their own fortunes and paving their own futures appreciate the freedom to make their own decisions- that’s why they chose to leave the standard work-force to begin with.  Having a software system take the work out of your work also takes away the freedom that is so coveted.

When it comes to real estate investing, there is no substitute for hard work and good research.  A person serious about real success will be willing to market, make offers, create a monthly and yearly plan, and stick to it.  Trusting the strategy of a single individual or group of people who developed a software system is no way to ensure that the success of your business, in your market, with your particular demographic.

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