RealtyJoin – A New Free Tool to Help You Get More Business and Make More Money in Real Estate

Some of the leading real estate gurus in the country have teamed up with a group of top software developers and Web designers to form RealtyJoin, a social networking and marketplace site for the real estate industry.  RealtyJoin will make it easier for you to find great deals, opportunities, and vendors, and make more money.

Best of all, your membership is FREE!

RealtyJoin is designed to help you connect with new clients and develop new business opportunities. Think of RealtyJoin as a marketplace for real estate investors, agents, contractors, architects, and other companies that provide goods and services to the real estate industry.

How do you fit into the real estate industry?

If you are an Investor

RealtyJoin can help:

  • Find Deals and Partners
  • Locate Financing Sources
  • Find the Super Agents
  • Find Great Vendor Investor Hart found two properties on RealtyJoin: and cleared more than $80,000 in profits!

RealtyJoin IS NOT a niche site designed for just networking and information.  It’s a site specifically designed for REAL ESTATE MATCHMAKING, and will help you make more MONEY by introducing you to other people who need your services.  All you need to do is register, create a profile, join groups, blog about what you do and why your clients and customers like you. You’ll begin connecting with other RealtyJoin members and hearing about business opportunities.

Take 5 minutes and register a profile for yourself and/or your company.

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