SEO is Dead (Really Dead… Dead like Disco)

It isn’t hard – it’s impossible.  Google was a lot easier before the Panda update.

Old Way: SEO

  • Relevancy (keywords, meta, H1)
  • Links (votes)
  • Quality… kind of

New Way: UXO (User Experience Optimization)

  • Is it real? (Spun content or real?)
  • Do they click it?
  • Do they read it?
  • Did they engage?

 Hacking Quality – How to turn your site into Google’s Love Child

The Lift, The Float and the Dead Cat Bounce

Lift – when you put out a piece of new content, Google will place you somewhere in the results depending on URL  authority. Good links can help to raise your position in the results. (social shares / native ads to content) Relevancy is also important.

At the top is the Float.

You are competing to win the page you are on… and move up pages. Things that can hurt you – bad links, old stuff (take dates out of blog posts immediately

How Does Google Know?

  1. Click-through rates
  2. Scroll rate (did users go below the fold?)
  3. Time on page
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Spelling and Grammar (they run spell / grammar check)

How to optimize click-through rates

  1. Page Titles must sell the click.
  2. Meta Descriptions must sell the click.
  3. Use sales copy. Treat the page titles and meta descriptions like Adwords ads.


  • WP plugin called
  •  Use star ratings – draw attention and build trust
  • Plugin – KK Star Ratings
  • If you use video – Ultimate Video SEO Plugin ($19)
  • You can outrank YouTube videos if you have a niche video on a niche site.
  • Get your separate pages listed in Google.  Do this by using Genesis framework or WooThemes.
  1. Scroll Rate

Hint: They can’t buy if they never see the order button. Most landing pages focus above the fold, but they don’t rank in Google. Have a down arrow at the bottom of the page (increases scroll rate by 30-40%)

  1. WP Plugin – Scroll top and bottom
  2. Codepen Scroll Arrow (html code)
  3. Trick: Page tease (Half a video / image on the fold)

Tool to measure scroll depth

  • Scroll Depth (plugin that works with Google analytics)
  • – creates heat maps
  • – individual behavior on page videos
  1. Time on Page
  • People invest time before money.  Use infographics – people spend more time on them. Plain text blog posts are worthless unless you are a fabulous writer.  People don’t want to read text only.
  • Use giant posts – large images, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Use lists – exp. “43 off the grid survival life hacks” / “13 eye makeup tips”
  • Lists are shared the most on FB, Pinterest, etc.
  • They also encourage scrolling and time on page.
  1. Bounce Rate

Please don’t leave me.  Speed is everything. If your site is slow, you are getting killed on bounce rate.

  • Hosting – – fast WP hosting (75% speed increase)
  • – content delivery system – stores your WP images, videos, etc on the S3 cloud. (100% speed increase)
  • Plugin – WP – optimizes image file sizes
  •  Sucuri – for website security

Tip your answer example

A coffee bar put out two tip jars. They asked a new question every day with an answer above each jar (exp: Dogs or Cats) Your tip goes in the jar of your answer (400% increase in tips)  People want to be identified. You can do this same thing on your websites. Allow people to self-identify.

Example:  You can do this same thing on your websites. Allow people to self-identify.


  • I am here for…  (big button) or (big button)
  • Which ____ is right for you?  (big button) or (big button)
  • Which are you?  (this) or (this)





  1. Grammar and Spelling

Why you should have paid attention in English class

Google hates spun text and articles. In the past, you could take an article and spin it into many different versions to place online. Google defeated that by adding spell / grammar check. Check your text on Grammarly – corrects grammar and gives you reading level

Other factors:

  1. Quality links
  2. Relevant Images
  3. Social Shares
  4. Captions
  5. Author Authority

Book recommendation – Don’t Make Me Think… Revisited – Steve Krug

















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