Should Sex Be Used To Sell Real Estate Courses?

The question is an age old one. Does sex sell?  The answer is, yes of course it does. There will always be someone who is curious or jaded enough to look.   That being said, at the end of the day, if we permit the use of sex to sell us something, that says a lot about us too. Is sex really needed to sell a real estate course?  Of course not!

So what is the purpose of using sex to sell real estate investing courses? Ok, so you will get those people who want to look.. fair enough, but  then the information marketers throw in the chance  to win a car  at the same time…..what for?  This is purely a scam to get you to part with your email address so these marketers can sell your email, or  spam you to death with future promotions.

Their marketing is not about getting you to see their courses for the value it could have.  What these information marketers (who many profess to be Christian)  are doing is simply trying to get your  email address and use them for evil!!   You would think that their course had the merit to stand on its own two feet. The  other sad part I  find disgusting is that their tactics firstly  requires  young willing females with low self esteem to accommodate them in these videos and use implied sexual innuendo.  Do they really expect me to to want to be like them and that by using  “their system”, I am going to have women throwing themselves at me?  Come on guys.. Be strong, confident, bold, and masculine and then you can have all the women you want anyway.  Do you really want women who are gold-diggers?

Secondary to this method of advertising, is that it requires the participation and the willingness of those who are permitting the use of  sex to sell others!  What that means is that the person who is going to “look” is not going to be  really serious in the first place to be successful.   While the integrity of those who use sex to sell real estate has to be in question, so too does the integrity or at the very least, the intellect of those who permit themselves to be swayed, or awed, or impacted by the use of sex to sell.

Quite truthfully, prior to buying into a real estate course, or anything else, the only thing that you should be checking out is the person or the company that you’re considering. The sale of their products, something that you may spending  your time and effort with, and also relying on their support isn’t  a decision that should be lightly entered in to. These  real estate promoters tend to make wild claims of who they are and  rave about what they have achieved .   Buyer beware.. in most instances it is not the case!  You really need to do your due diligence first.

To be inundated with hype marketing about a future promise of wealth  based on sex, certainly does not bode well for the future  real estate investing.   If someone is moved by  sexual videos, advertising, or innuendo, to make a decision to get into real estate….  the reality is that those are not people you want to do business with!in the first place!    The simple statement may sound like a harsh judgment. If you see it factually, if they are so easily swayed by a circumstance that happens around the world every day, to purchase a course/system  based on a  “face and figure”, rather than solid research, the reality is that these are not people who are serious about their future.

If in fact sex does sell real estate courses, Is it  the integrity of the marketing promoter, or the intellect and integrity of the buyer that should concern us more?


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