Single Mom ROCKS My Platinum Virtual Investing System – She takes Action

BOMBAThis is a copy of an email I get twice a month from my cousin who I decided to help out about a year ago. She was single and had a new baby on the way. She wanted to improve her financial situation and said she was committed to do the work.  I simply gave her access to my course, and provided email support as she went along the path.

She has surprised me and is a SUPER STAR.  Her first 6 months, she did one deal a month. Now she is rocking about 4 -6 deals a month.  She is working the LEADS!  She knows its a numbers game, and since she gets plenty of leads, she get deals and she has a great follow up system with our websites automation.

From: Jennifer Bomba
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:33 PM
To: Bretl Bradford; Stephanie; Lindsey; Duncan Wierman; Jerry Corresponds; TC Strait; Lorita Ward
Subject: Mid September

Hi Everyone! 

Here is the Mid September Property report.

I would like everyone to meet Lorita. She will be handling the Zanesville area. She has just started and fell ill so she will be back in a week or so. I have included her on this report so that she can see what we are up too in other areas and so that she can see a little of what we do and how everything works.

Property Leads that we are finished with.

150 2nd Ave, Gallipolis3 attempts

476 Felicity Cedron Rural Rd, Georgetown– 3 attempts

25325 Butternut Ridge Rd, Noth Olmsted– By the time I got to the lead they already had a offer in hand.

552 North Street, Bellefontaine- Too many emails and calls and no pictures, just excuses.

181 Chittsnden St, Akron– decided to sell to her son and they are doing their own thing.

1487 Carum Place, West Salem– The already have agent in place that they got last month. I’ll put this in for a call back in 5 months and we will see if the agent sold it.

506 N Main St, Walbridge– 3 attempts

126 Sycamore St, Franklin– they already have a agent. I’m going to let it sit on the back burner for about 5 months and see what happens. We have too many leads to worry about this one.

217 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky– Went back and forth and played phone tag for a while. I didn’t have a buyer in the area and he did not sign the option agreement so I left him a message that it was the final attempt. so he’s out for now and if he calls back we will pull him out of the OUT folder.

2145 Ohio Ave, East Liverpool- declined to have us sell the house. I’m not sure why. She said she didn’t want a easy sell.

824 Davids St, Marion– Had no interest in the Lease Option and listed with a real estate agent today. She never sent me pictures either.

5956 Twin Lakes Drive, Parma– decided to rent the property out and manage it Call Back in a couple months.

29 East Ridge Dr, Amelia– This property kind of got lost in the mix for 20 days. He still has it as a “FSBO” but he hasn’t returned my last 2 calls.

222 Jefferson St, Arcanum– 3 unit. She wants too much for investors prices.

552 Highland Blvd, Newark– Sold to another investor

2510 Villa West, Findlay- 3 attempts

116 Fleek Ave, Newark- 3 attempts

Mobile home some where- Steven Gillory Home owner– 3 attempts and I really don’t like dealing with mobile homes.

1621 Lakewood Ave, Cleveland– he hung up on me and refused to take my call. Either he doesn want who ever to sell or he is confused. Either way I’m not chasing people.

622 E Wilbeth rd, Akron– She got lost in the mix. When I called her she was mad it took so long. I told her if she needed us to call back.


Waiting Pictures

75280 Ottawa Rd, Cleveland 

257 N Lincoln St, Wilmington

664 Bonnington Way, Gahanna 

15317 Grovewood Ave, Cleveland

120 North Main ST, Georgetown

927 7th Street SW, Massillon- This property is just a shell of a house. It has been stripped and robbed. Vacant.

2250 Green Rd, Cleveland

1361 Columbus Rd, East Springfield

812 Vine Street, Hamilton

2221 Ontario St, Columbus 

4748 Fairpark, Riverside

118 North Bend, Cincinnati Duplex already rented out

4207 Trumbull St, Bellaire

1310 Pennsylvania Ave, Steubenville– she sent them to me but I haven’t had a chance to get back to her yet.

2406 Connecticut Ave, Youngstown, Her number was disconnected on a follow up. I mailed her out a letter.

1229 Summit, Maple Heights- Jerry

Waiting pictures of the inisde.

Waiting on Contracts

953 Woodland Ave, Toledo-me

522 Gray St, Zanesville- Lorita will be on this property

10045 Harrison Rd, Mount Sterling 

283 Willow St, Marion 

21801 Ball Ave, Euclid- Jerry will handle this one.

428 S Park Ave, Alliance 


Under Contract $$$$$$$$$

879 E 129th St. Cleveland–  Jerry is waiting on my New LLC.

Jerry and I are working on this property.

170 E Central Drive, Ravenna This house has to be emptied out. Uncle needs to move. PROPERTY IS in Advertising. I’m collecting the leads.The dumpster is arriving sometime after the Holiday weekend.

1810 Highland Ave, Springfield– They have finished the drywall in the kitchen. Waiting on some new pictures they still have to paint. Scott is the agent for this property now and will have it on the MLS this weekend.


$5000 down payment

$700 per month.

Stephanie is advertising this property as well.

5720 Caledonia Mud Pike, Caledonia


Would rather do straight cash sale of course. But I don’t think they will get it.

1233 Belle St, WarrenJerry is working on this property. He has his sign in the yard and I am just waiting on copies of the paper work from him and we are moving forward on this.

$550 per month for

209 months and then sell the house for $1.00 to the homeowner.

$3000.00 down payment

5698 Keshena Drive, Liberty Township

advertising has started– Stephanie and I are doing it.


$6500 down payment

$1400 per month

David is out of the property. Bret has the new pictures. I just need him to send them to me. I had a approved application but the people really need a 4 bedroom and basement. So I am going to move them to another property.

1139 & 1143 Ackley St, Akron– The guy who lives next door wants to purchase the property and the additional Lot.

102 W Lynn St, Stryker – Bret and I are going to finish up the left side of the remodel and rent it out while we are advertising it to cover the mortgage for the homeowners. If not Bret you and I will just stick to the main plan. Pack your bags man! We are headed for a road trip…..

1229 Summit, Maple Heights– Jerry

Waiting pictures of the inside.


1323 South Ave, Toledo Purchasing this for $1800.00 Resold it to Regina and Jacob for $9000.00. This property was all me. No one else has been involved.