Sneak Peak Behind The Latest Bulk REO Launch

*shakes head* after that quick initial webinar rush last night & today being officially the launch, now the middle plan is being dropped…

From Greg:

“Dolmar is going to get a stats update out here shortly but I’ve got a couple thoughts.

The first thought is that we are going to change the offer and pricing.

This launch has started slower than I thought it would for sure. I think part of the problem was with the 3 different offers.

We’re going to have 2 offers, Silver at $997 and Platinum at $1,497. We are essentially eliminating the middle offer and lowering the price of platinum. Right now we have almost a 50/50 split of Silver and Platinum orders anyway. So while that’s good we just need to get more people excited about the offer in general. And I think this will do it.

Overall I 100% believe that commissions and sales will be ramped up dramatically because of this. We’re also going to go back to the new buyers and tell them about the reduced pricing plan.

We felt like we definitely need to change gears a little to try and maximize sales for everyone. Francis is writing some new email copy right now to get out. Kenny is also re-doing the canned webinar this afternoon to reflect the slightly different offer.

If you have a webinar playing tonight don’t worry as the sales page will reflect and explain the reduced pricing and your prospects will be pretty happy to see that.”

Just saying…. Makes you wonder.. At least you can see how this artificial hype is created.


Look at this email:

From: Chris McLaughlin

An option where they can have their entire investment returned to them (if they do a deal with Kenny, etc.) is also important … I would recommend integrating that as a risk reversal into the offer.


Update Just had a look at the bonuses Clement is offering and it makes you wonder .. I don’t believe he has ever done any bulk reo investing in his life…

Check out this nonsense. below in his bonus email. My comments in red..

From: [] On Behalf Of Greg Clement
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 9:21 PM
Subject: please don’t call this a “bonus package” (time sensitive details enclosed)

Warning this is a long email because I wanted to show
you details on our “Companion Investing System” to
Kenny Rushing’s Bulk REO Trader package. I don’t
want to freak you out but this is the largest and most
comprehensive package we’ve ever put together.  It
has 10x the value of any other offer you’ll see…

Bulk REO investing is going to become commonplace
pretty soon.  It’s a fact of life.  If you’re an investor you
should stand up and take notice.

Advanced “Intel” Package

1.  The “Lane Guide” Online banking and mortgage
directory – Your 1 year subscription to the Lane
Guide Online will give you quick and easy access
to over 140,000 listings that are continually updated
to assure the most up-to-date information each time
you log-on.  The “Essential Tool” for payoffs, releases,
beneficiary statements, verifications, balance transfer
requests, demands, mortgage discharges/lien releases,
preliminary lien notices, compliance letters, settlement
checks, insurance binders, collections, REO departments,
Loss Mitigation correspondence, verification of funds
and quality control research.


I”ll show you how to find the deals, before you even want to call anybody.

This list is NOT  going to help you in  Bulk REO Business

2.  U.S. Bank and Lender Database – We will provide
you with over 70,000 banks all over the USA and
provide you with the corporate HQ info for 6,000
lenders across the country.

Inflated figures of 70,000 that you would deal with ..  <Max  5,000 >

There is NO way,  check the FDIC figures!

3.  Nationwide Cash Buyer’s list – You will have access
to over 240,000 recent cash buyers across the nation!
This is INCREDIBLY important because most bulk
packages will have properties from all over the country
and you will need a method to find buyers outside of
your local area.

Rubbish useless list for the most part.. Have , tried it .. SUCKS

I give you a free software tool to find cash buyers.   The “Online Lead Finder”

Marketing Package

1.  Protected Territory to – This
is a LIMITED opportunity that we are providing on a
first come first serve basis.
is a nationally ranked and optimized website we
have owned for years.  When a lead comes in in
your territory it will go exclusively to you.  This is an
awesome way to build your REO buyer’s list on auto-

Another cheap squeeze page with no credibility .. Big Deal.

2.  Internet Marketing Training Class – This is a 4 part
training taught by me and my staff. We will cover
how to pick a great domain that will drive natural
traffic, we will show you how and why auto responders
work and why they really are magic money making
machines, we will show you how to drive tons and
tons of traffic, and we will give you the “ABC’s” of

See my critique of his marketing tactics and his websites..

He is so totally off track for real estate investor marketing its not funny!

3.  Private Lending “Leadpipe” System – Similar to our
cash buyer system, you’ll be able to pull down hundreds
or thousands of potential private lenders to fund your
deals.  The Private Lending System will drive tons of
qualified private lenders directly into your business.

Easy to train you how to do better than his system, with far better results using

4.  Positioning Triad – I will show you exactly how to
position yourself with lenders, bulk REO buyers, and
other local investors.  Positioning yourself in the
marketplace correctly EARLY, will lead to a long
lasting business where you are admired and respected
in your local market.

??? WT . He never did a bulk deal in his life.. and like hereally talks to bank vice presidents!

5.  Facebook Domination System – I will show you how
to use Facebook to help dominate your market and
what you can do to utilize this powerful tool right now.

Like you will find the real big buyers on Facebook ..WRONG

7 Figure Investing Package

1.  License to – You
will IMMEDIATELY receive a license to when you
purchase Kenny’s course through my link, giving you
INSTANT CREDIBILITY as a large Bulk REO Buyer.
You will immediately receive a full profile page to
direct others to AND you will receive leads of financially
distressed property owners in your area as they come
in due to our national marketing program.

He is full of it. Another cheap website .. might fool some, but  not many

He has a picture of Steve Jobs as a member in CA??  If you have one of these sites and approach my company, I wont deal with you.!

2.  Doing “Big Deals” Asset Protection Technique – Learn
the right type of entities that you need to be using as a
Bulk REO investor and how to fill out the correct forms
to protect your wealth.

Ohhh, more forms.. Should be included in the main course..

3.  The Tax Free Way to Flip “Big Deals” – Jeff Watson and
I will explain in detail how to set up, control, and flip real
estate deals inside your IRA.  This alone can add millions
of dollars to your lifetime savings.

Call up Entrust – they do this webinar all the time..

4.  The Commercial Super Source Marketing Method
You will get my most powerful marketing system for
financially distressed commercial property owners.

Probably another lamo technique .. he has NO commercial experience..

5.  My “Optimal Leasing” Strategy – Learn my “Forced
Appreciation” strategy for creating massive passive
income with your commercial properties.

Lease Options have been around forever..  Master lease option .. . come on ..
6.  The Famous Sweet Spot Video – Find your sweet spot
when starting out in commercial investing for your
highest chances of success and huge profits.

Stolen from my article published on line

Automation Package

1.  The “Paperless Office” – Use Realeflow Open Road’s
paperless office to totally take your office paperless.
Our pre-loaded documents, package generator tool,
and faxing capabilities will take your office to the next

More SIMS , Open Road.. you probably read my thoughts on this already..

Probably will charge you his 97 a month too high priced hosting for ANOTHER website system

I know that’s a lot, but there are a few of these components
(the Advanced Intel Package) that I wouldn’t want you to
live without.  The other thing is that the protected territory
to is going to go on a first come first
serve basis
. So I’d hate to see you lose your preferred area
because you weren’t fast enough. There’s real time scarcity

So make sure you get on my webinar tomorrow, either
at 11am EST or 9pm EST
.  Sign up below and then

check out my Companion Investing System in detail.
Remember, you only get my “Companion Investing
” when you buy Kenny’s system through my

Talk Soon,



Looks like people are NOT responding …

From Dolmar – to promoters:

What a day!!! : )

We’re working VERY quickly to the offer that Greg spoke about earlier. In the meantime, here are the current stats. Based on % of people actions, we think the new offer will do very well.

Greg Clement  –  $105,700

DC Fawcett – $62,826

Nathan Jurewicz –    $49,862

Preston Ely –   $24,931

Bryan Ellis –   $21,940

Jeff Adams –   $10,970

Stacy Kellams –   $12,964

JP Moses –   $7,979

Jack Bosch –                      $4,988

Ken Spohn –           $1,994



From:; on behalf of; Greg Clement [

Subject: this is a pretty big announcement

Kenny just emailed me and gave me some pretty good news.

It seems that someone emailed him today and basically
told him she was excited about his Bulk REO Trader
System but she was very confused about all the different
“versions” of his system.  To make a long story short,
Kenny’s doing something that I’ve never really seen
done before

He is lowering the price of his Platinum package by 50%.

Check it out here go to our bonus page

So basically you can still get Kenny’s Silver System for
$997 but now you can get his Platinum System for only


Here is an interesting article on Kenny

IMPORTANT UPDATE  9 / 7 / 2010

What do other competitors in this business think?  Pay close attention to the POF issue~


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