So Much Hype – Really ? WAKE UP –

I don’t offer my course the way other gurus do by pressuring you and hyping a product beyond what’s humanly deliverable. I don’t think that’s morally right.

Here are the solid and demonstrable benefits of my course:

•    I give you a concrete plan of action. I tell it like it is.  I call every student to ensure they get off to a fast start.  I don’t try to get you to another event and then sell you coaching.

•    I follow up with you. I answer my own emails within 4 hours. My students get my personal phone number.

•    I hold you accountable, I will tell it like it is.  The first 30 days of my course is tough! You’re learning new strategies that not many people know. I tell you Real Estate investing still requires work. If it was so easy, why don’t you get checks in the mail for doing nothing !  Like magic .. my arse !

•    I don’t close the doors in 48 hours if you don’t buy now.  Unlike other gurus, who falsely create a sense of scarcity and urgency to get you to buy right now, my course will always be available, just as I will be available to help you. Only you can decide when you’re ready to change your life.

•    I  don’t brag about how much money I made with  my course and show off cars and a vacation I’m taking right after I launch my course.

Funny how everyone hyping these products NEVER USED THEM!  They know how to send out emails and say they endorse it, but they never even did ONE single real estate deal with them.  Is that honest ? Is that moral ?  I review every course and system I recommend. I will not endorse anything I don’t use or believe in.

I don’t care if other so called gurus don’t like me. I make my money by actually investing in real estate. Selling my course is an extra income stream.

You can buy the hype, or you can buy the truth. You decide. And I will respectfully remind you from time to time that I’m still here for you. 🙂


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