Stop Making Excuses – Virtual Assistants Now Are PRE-Trained For Real Estate Investors

imagesAre you ready to take your business to the next level?  

Virtual Assistants are the answer! Lets be realistic. We got into real estate investing to have the lifestyle of our dreams, NOT to work harder. Today, with the technology and communications that are available to us, there is no reason not to get a virtual assistant! Why?

You need to have the mindset that you should be working ON your business and not IN your business. Your job is to make offers and oversee the marketing only. These are the only two actions that produce revenue.

Anything that does not contribute to revenue creation.. you have to outsource it!.

Here’s how:

You can hire out the mundane or most time-consuming task that will cost you a lot of valuable time and NOT a lot of money. A virtual assistant can free up time and let you stay focused on your businesses’ core task of finding more deals and look for additional investment strategies to expand into.

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if it’s time for VAs?

“Could I have made more money doing other things with the same amount of time than I would have invested in performing that task?”

If you answer yes, hire it out! This keeps it very simple and to the point. You may find in the beginning it’s hard to let go of some of the tasks you have been performing over the years, but once you see the results pay off, you’ll quickly find yourself a more willing participant.

9 tell-tale signs that NOT having a VA is costing you money.

1. You feel overwhelmed by your business and can’t get to the next level

2. Important details are getting missed causing your business to suffer

3. You’re not able to stay focused on your core competencies such as finding more deals or expanding into other markets to grow your business

4. You have already made the decision you need an assistant but you work out of your home or office, and simply don’t have enough space for an in-house assistant

5. Your business has many “project” based task which can easily be delegated out with little to no instructions

6. You are not technically “savvy” and it makes more business sense to hire those tasks out than to take the time to learn them yourself. We can’t be an expert at everything

7. You don’t have the necessary time to effectively market to find deals and your business has grown to stagnate or even worse declined

8. You know you are missing things and you can’t do anything about it

9. You understand the importance of delegating

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you must OUTSOURCE!

Start Small  – Important Considerations:

  • Preparation is the key to success with your Virtual Assistants. If your jobs and systems aren’t prepared and ready then you will most likely not get good results because they won’t know what to do.
  • The main reason people fail with VA’s is that they don’t do a good job managing their projects.
  • Give clear expectations and deadlines!
  • Tie payments to clearly defined milestones
  • Don’t choose someone mainly by price.
  • Start small & keep it simple.

How I Use Virtual Assistants:

Marketing for Sellers

  • Use Our Lead Generation software – Searches through Craigslist and FSBO sites for motivated sellers
  • Send emails & voice mails to sellers
  • Finds addresses & personal information from Absentee Owners and Expired Listings
  • Send postcards through
  • Updates my web CRM database  with seller information
  • My VA will call sellers back and schedule appointments for me to talk to them (Google Cal)

Marketing for Buyers

  • Create vFlyers / Postlets for each property
  • Post vFlyers on my website
  • E-mail new properties to Buyer’s List
  • Post properties on 20+ different websites
  • Emails my Selling Manager any responses to ads



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