The guru’s lie about outsourcing!…

outsourceSo many guru’s have hopped on the bandwagon yet they know little about it.  In this post, I am going to share  the secrets the gurus aren’t telling you about outsourcing.

Case in point, Brian Terry was running a business and he  simply couldn’t manage all the work coming in by himself.  He listened the common guru advice of outsourcing …which made a lot of sense at the time.

  • He hired virtual assistants to take help him do marketing
  • He hired VA’s to make telephone calls.
  • He even hired link building technicians to get me more traffic

Sounds good so far right?

** WRONG! **

The gurus left out one of the most important secrets…

While Brian hired all these other people, he actually made MORE WORK for himself.   And if you outsource the way the gurus teach you, you can end up in this same situation. Here’s what happens to many online businesses searching for success (maybe even yours?)…

  1. Your business grows
  2. You add outsourced workers
  3. More business comes in
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Until all the stress drives you insane! The house of cards comes crashing down.  Outsourcing sucks when you do it all wrong…

To save his sanity Brian scaled his business down and went back to doing everything himself again.  Sure he didn’t make as much money or see the same level of success, at least he wasn’t working so many hours.  Ever since then he’s been looking for a solution to outsourcing because he knew with the right system he could make the same excellent profits again and spend more time with his family.

Two years ago he made his biggest business breakthrough ever… He finally solved the outsourcing problem that had plagued him for years with this simple yet ingenious solution.

If you’re not outsourcing yet, you should be.  If you’re already outsourcing, you need this.

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What do you think?

To your success!

Duncan Wierman


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