The Road To A Closing On A House Can Be Full Of Landmines.

You hear about deals falling apart all the time. Yet, this can be avoided.

You have a closing to get ready for and a MILLION other things you want to do.  Since closings are VERY important and tasks can change in a heartbeat, you need someone on hand to watch your closing to make sure your clients are taken care of.


The Solution – Transaction Coordinator – or a Virtual Closing Coordinator 

A Transaction Coordinator is a person responsible for managing and monitoring the transaction process, through interfacing with Real Estate professionals, clients, escrow companies and property management companies, to name a few.  A TC is responsible for maintaining escrow files and the production, coordination, and processing of all information and documents pertaining to the sale of each home.

Q: Why Use a Transaction Coordinator?

 Complete transaction management allows real estate professionals to simplify and streamline the entire real estate process. Our dedicated professionals strive to make your transaction as smooth and effortless for you and your customers as possible.

Q: What do Consumers Want?

Today’s consumers expect to be kept in the loop and receive immediate answers regarding their transactions. Most agents are very busy, often juggling many transactions at one time. When they are available to talk, they don’t always have the answer on hand. Consumers find that working with a dedicated Transaction Coordinator who is easily available to assist them allows them quicker and more comprehensive answers to their questions. These benefits add up to improved customer satisfaction, more referrals and repeat business.

I personally use Transaction Management Consultants, LLC (TMC). TMC is an independent full service transaction coordination company with a team of in-house coordinators dedicated to servicing you and your customers. We are a privately held company with no ties to any other service provider. Our goal is to provide you and your clients and you with the best real estate experience ever.

With the assistance of professional real estate closing coordination that you can truly count on, your time will be freed up and your clients will be taken care of through a very stressful period of the transaction, and you will be the professional investor you are by delegating to a professional.



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