Using Google+ Ripples to Connect with Real Estate Buyers and Private Money Lenders


In this post I will go through how to use it in your real estate investing business.  I’d like to share with you two ways you can find people that can be of benefit to your business .

Recently Google released “Ripples” for Google+ along with Whiteboard+ video Google+ is on its way to be the  important social networking tool (Yes, even better than Facebook). You can also utilize Google Plus to increase your Google rankings.

What is a Ripple?

The definition of a “ripple effect” is: a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event.  When something has been shared multiple times on Google+ you can see a visualization showing how it was shared by looking at it’s “ripple”. When it comes to Google+ a Ripple is an interactive diagram that shows how a Google+ post spreads as it’s shared by users.

 You can find the Ripple of any public post using the dropdown to the right of the post. When you press down on the arrow, a menu appears, and if the pots has been shared multiple times, you can see the option “view ripple


At the bottom of the page, Google shows you the top Influencers, stats about how the post spread. You are probably asking ” So what? ”  Think about how beneficial it is to use the Influencer information to help you get your “thought leadership information shared by the right influencers, not only on Google+ but on other social sites as well. Does that not make you an authority. When you are the authority, people come to you, and that means more leads!



Google Ripples Graphics

Ripples is a graphical representation of the path the post  as it is shared from person to person—literally how the post ripples outwards for the user who shared it. That will lead you to a graphic that looks something like this.

The person in the middle is the original sharer, while all the little bubbles radiating out are other people who shared publicly. People with big bubbles had some of their fellow “circlees” reshare the post. People with small bubbles reshared the post but none of their “circlees” reshared it.

Ripples is zoomable, with a web-like infographic that spirals out from the initial post. Arrows indicate a post’s progression, while circles represents users who shared it. The resulting graphic looks a lot like a splash in a pond. Or a, uh, ripple. …in an animation that gives a sense of scale and speed…

Hit the play button at the bottom of a post’s Ripples page, and you can watch the content spread from the initial splash until the present. A graph at the bottom of the page charts the frequency of shares over time—essentially plotting its rise and decay in popularity. …and shows how influential the users who shared it were

Larger circles indicate shared posts that influenced more people to repost. Zooming into these circles reveals the sequence of shares which is valuable information


How can you use this to find more People You Need to Get to Know?

Look for posts pertaining to the local community or whatever real estate niche you’re trying to find people in and then “circle” the people in the ripples. You have heard the saying  ” Follow the money” ?  That’s exactly what we are going to do.

Let me give you example. Lets say there was a story about a the foreclosure rates in Denver circulating around Google+. Presumably most of the people sharing this live in the Denver and would be your ideal audience. Go ahead and follow them. Best of all, you can see immediately who is an influencer in your area (they’ll be the “big” bubbles).

Here’s another good way to find local people. Look for pages by newspapers, TV stations, and local organizations in your area. The people who have circled these local pages are almost certainly local to the area, unless your local newspaper is the New York Times (actually, amazingly the New York Times doesn’t seem to be posting to their Google+ page so they
have very few followers).

Hope that helps you find more people locally on Google+! If you have any more suggestions for finding people on Google+, let me know.


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