Using Yelp to Generate Real Estate Leads is an online directory that your potential clients are probably using to help them choose  services around their location.   Maybe that service or product could be a rental property to buying  a house from you. One of the great things about Yelp is that is very popular application for use with smart phones! More and more people are using services like Yelp to find places to eat, drink, shop and more.

What makes Yelp  so powerful?

One of the most important reason why Yelp is so powerful is that it is driven by customer reviews. Most people like to be reassured before they buy something and its fact that builds Yelp into an absolutely superb marketing tool for your business.  The application also has one of the largest user bases for smart phones!

You absolutely must get your business registered on Yelp. Its FREE for a basic listing!

Once you are registered, the question then becomes how do you use the service to your best advantage and also ensure that you stand out from your competition?

1. When you list your business, you need to ensure you fill in all of the available data on the admin pages. This will really affect your success – if your information is incomplete then the potential customer will just move on to your competitor who has taken the time to fill in all of their information.

2. Make sure that you keep all of your information up to date.

3. A incredibly powerful part of Yelp is the advantage of being able to advertise or communicate offers or discounts to potential customers. When you use this facility your announcement will appear in their Announcements and Offers directory thus providing you with an advantage over your competitor. For example if you have a bargain deal, or a special offer for tenants, you could simply send out an announcement.

4. Of course whilst review sites can be powerful, they can at times draw negative comments. Yelp recently added a facility so that you can respond back to customers comments. You absolutely must use it! Don’t be afraid of making things worse, if you provide an honest and fair response it may turn the situation around; your dissatisfied customers will often give you a second look if you communicate to them that you value their input and are making changes to improve your business.

5. Another handy little benefit is that Yelp provides you with “badges” that you can add to your web site or blog pages. Ensure that you embed them into your website as these badges give potential customers the impression that you have existing satisfied customers vouching for you therefore will be more likely to trust you with their business. The badges will link between your Yelp page and people can click to read reviews or get more information. Keep spreading the word and remember to use these badges on your printed marketing items as well.

Remember that Yelp will not only benefit your business, it will increase new customers and perhaps most excitingly of all, you have a massive opportunity of being way ahead of your competition!


    • Duncan Wierman

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