Voice Automation Is An Integral Part Of Your Virtual Real Estate Business

Automated Voice Systems are good for everyone

Voice automation can improve the way your business provides services and conducts transactions.  Customers are increasingly mobile and hence deploying voice automation is a superior business move. It works from any phone, and can provide easy access to a range of Web, customer care, and other back-office systems.

Voice-based marketing automation systems  enables Real Estate Investors to manage, measure, and automate all of their communications.   I hate speaking to UN-motivated sellers, lookie loo buyers.  I want to be able to track my marketing and this means I need call tracking, dynamic inbound call forwarding, outbound call automation, and be able to break out to my virtual assistant.

Here are a few ways I use my Real Estate Tele Center

I save money on advertising with RealEstateTeleCenter Ad Tracker

One of the most important things for any small business without a multimillion dollar advertising budget is the ability to easily track the results of your online ads and determine your return on investment (ROI). Without the ability to do this, you’re just throwing mud at the wall and wasting good money.  Advertising needs to be accountable, and RealEstateTeleCenter provides a simple and convenient way for you to ensure that accountability!

Here’s all you need to do: Simply include your RealEstateTeleCenter number, along with an ad tracking code, in your ads, along with a reminder for them to mention the tracking code number when they call in.  When the Ad Tracker feature is activated within your TeleCenter™ back office, callers will be prompted to provide the ad code before they can continue. After they key in the code, they will be directed to your Main Greeting. TeleCenter informs you via your back office inbox which ad code each caller entered.  Now you can easily monitor your advertising results and quickly determine your ROI!  Test different ads…get rid of ads that aren’t working…know once and for all just what ads your prospects are responding to.

Multiply your inquiries and sales with 24-hour recorded message hotlines

If you’re not using 24-hour recorded messages in your business, you’re leaving a pile of money on the table. Money that would be much better off in your wallet and/or bank account!  So, why are Toll-Free 24-hour recorded messages so powerful?  They work around the clock. They are your 24/7 business lifeline. You can be asleep, on vacation, or just out running errands… and the recorded messages will still be working for you. This allows you to take “time off” away from the phones and from the intensity of interacting with customers and clients “live.” Imagine how nice that would be!

I also a 24-hour recorded message for a huge variety of marketing tasks – especially for capturing leads.  Recorded messages are great for hosting audio overviews of houses , providing information in multiple languages, and anything else you can think of.  Remember, your prospects are NOT threatened by recorded messages and are much, much more likely to listen to a recorded message than to engage a live person.

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association says that 83 percent of ad respondents would rather listen to a free recorded message than talk to a real person!  SIMPLICITY, EASE, AND CONVENIENCE…AT YOUR FINGERTIPS…  With TeleCenter, using Toll-Free 24-hour recorded messages has never been easier!  Once the prospect has listened to your message, TeleCenter can direct them to leave their contact information,  so you can follow up with them at a later date.

Prospects can even press ZERO (0) to speak with your Virtual Assistant directly at anytime while listening to your recording, if Call Forwarding is turned on.  This feature gives you the ability to speak to a hot, qualified prospect immediately.  I  personally use TeleCenter’s Extended Length Greeting feature,  so I  can provide messages of great length, as opposed to the minute or two normally offered in typical voicemail services. Callers can also move seamlessly from one extension to another and get, for example, a full audio presentation on how my real estate solutions works. You can even receive Instant Message Alerts via E-Mail and Text Message when prospects call to listen to your recordings.

Create an explosive Online Classified presence

Have you ever wondered why all online classified ads all look the same?  Well, so have we.  And frankly, we’re puzzled!  When all the advertising looks the same, prospects have no way to know who they should call.  But all it takes is a few small changes to make yourself stand out from the crowd and make your ad the PREFERRED ad that customers will read (and respond to)!  One of those small changes – a change that requires very little extra work on your part — is to simply add your toll-free TeleCenter number to your ad, along with a brief call to action telling them what they will hear when they call.

One of the best uses of this technique is to offer a free report in exchange for their contact information. They simply leave their name and address (or email address) and you send them the free report. This is a great way to build a highly targeted mailing list just through the use of your normal advertising.

Here’s an example of how this works in a classified advert:


Don’t Even Think Of Hiring A Realtor to Sell Your House Fast  Without Reading This FREE Report

Make sure you read this shocking free report revealing the 7 questions you absolutely MUST ask before hiring a Realtor. This informative report shows you how to sell your house in 8 days with a Realtor!To get a copy of this eye-opening report, just call 1-800-XXX-XXXX, 24 hours a day and listen to our free recorded message. Call NOW,  Discover what many Realtors don’t want you to know!


When prospects call my hotline, they then hear helpful information about the “7 Questions You MUST Ask Before Inviting A Realtor  To Your Home.”    After listening to the message, they can leave their contact information to receive a copy of the report, or be connected/forwarded directly to my VA.   This is a great way to make a plain classified ad into a lead-pulling, profit-making machine. Your TeleCenter toll-free number, combined with a strong call to action, is a literal magnet for response!

Use iTeleCenter To Increase Security.

TeleCenter’s Call Record feature allows you to record any and every conversation that takes place between you and your clients. What’s more, you have multiple, beneficial ways to put this recorded information to good use! Never worry again about losing key information passed back and forth by phone. You’ll have an archived bank of recorded calls that you can listen to over and over for Quality Control and Assurance purposes.

In addition, you’ll have a ready-made training tool – one that ensures that newer employees will quickly become productive members of your team! Go back over respective calls with trainees at your convenience and point out areas for improvement.

Send and receive faxes 24/7 without a fax machine!

My RealEstateTeleCenter number is all I need.   There is no more need to list a separate fax number on your business card or in your other advertising. Fax senders only need to remember ONE number, your RealEstateTeleCenter  number.

Now you can send and receive faxes around the clock without having to use a fax machine or pay for a separate dedicated fax line!  You can send or receive faxes any time of the day or night using just your email program or your online account’s back office RealEstateTeleCente will notify you immediately via email and/or text message when you receive an incoming fax. You can then view your fax online, through a link in your email notification, or even have it forwarded to another fax machine if you so desire.  I love the Automatic Retry feature to ensure that your sent faxes will always be delivered.  Sending and receiving faxes just got a lot easier and a LOT less wasteful and stressful!

Let your Website visitors instantly connect with you by a simple click of the mouse

With TeleCenter’s Click-To-Call feature, people from anywhere in the world can reach your TeleCenter™ number.  And it won’t cost them a penny!  With the simple addition of a snippet of HTML code, you’ll have an easy-to-find button icon or text link embedded in your Website, email signatures, online ads, or any other online document, making calling your business easier than ever for your customers.   And Click-To-Call integrates seamlessly with such stellar iTeleCenter features as Call Screening and Announce, so you’ll always know ahead of time who’s calling!

How does Click-To-Call work?

When a client, customer, or prospect clicks on your Click-To-Call link, a pop-up box will open on their computer. The caller merely enter their phone number, clicks the Call button, and TeleCenter calls them. When the caller answers, iTeleCenter dials the number you have pre-configured to connect the caller to you. If you are unavailable, the caller will be forwarded to voicemail.  This is a great way to bring your iTeleCenter together with your Web presence. And best of all, the call doesn’t cost the caller a cent.

Send important printed documents to customers 24/7

Now there is a simple way to give your customers around-the-clock access to important printed documents.  With TeleCenter’s Fax On-Demand feature, you can create your own library of documents – documents that callers can get via fax delivery instantly … at ANY time of day.   Whether it’s a property profile, or an application form, now you can get the printed version of the information into their hands without lifting a finger!

Customers merely call in to your special Fax On-Demand extension, where they will hear a brief description of your library’s documents. At that point, they need only input their fax number … and the Fax On-Demand tool immediately and automatically calls that number and sends them the information you have uploaded to that particular extension.
This is a powerful and comprehensive marketing tool, saving you time, expense, and effort while sparing you the hassle of faxing information to them manually.

Fax On-Demand is an especially great solution if you are a mobile professional and need to send out the same documents over and over again to prospective clients or customers. One simple call to your TeleCenter Fax On-Demand extension and your fax is on the way to your client, regardless of whether you are near a fax machine or not.
Combine this with TeleCenter’s Send and Receive Faxes Online feature, and your potential client can promptly fax those completed documents right back to you.

Virtual Assistants Around The Globe

As you add more and more virtual assistants in various part of the world, having a tool to keep a dispersed team connected within one phone system becomes increasingly important.  That’s why TeleCenter is such a valuable tool!  With TeleCenter, VA’s phones can appear to be connected directly into the main office phone, since TeleCenter can be set up to automatically forward calls to your VA’s phone numbers … without interruption!

Use iTeleCenter™ to track your pay-per-click advertising

If you use pay-per-click advertising for any aspect of your business, you’ll find that TeleCenter can help you reap huge benefits – and all with just a small addition to your website!

Here’s how it works:   When prospects click on your PPC advertisement, they will be taken to your Website. After reading your marketing message some may decide to call you.  By linking specific sets of keywords from you PPC ads to your TeleCenter ad tracker, you will be able to tell which keywords are getting the best response.  Similarly, you can also link specific sets of keywords to separate toll-free numbers.  For example, f you are  running a PPC campaign  and centering on the keyword phrases “stop foreclosure,” “sell house,” and “instant cash offer.”

You would simply set up separate landing pages on your Website for each ad. The landing page would display the toll-free number, along with the specific ad tracker extension.  This allows you to see exactly how much response is being generated by his PPC ads, right down to his return on investment (ROI).  Now you  have an additional tool for gauging response to your online ads. By keeping close track of your response numbers, you’ll be better informed as to which ads are working and which ads are not.

How to use TeleCenter to rent your properties faster and get better tenants…and save time doing it

As a Real Estate investor, your bottom line revolves around getting quality tenants into your vacant rental properties as quickly as possible, and TeleCenter is tailor made for helping you do just that!  With TeleCenter’s 24-hour hotlines, you can weed out unqualified renters with a recorded message that describes exactly the qualifications you are looking for in a tenant. Qualified tenants can leave their contact information and you can then inform them that you will be showing the apartment on, for example, Wednesday from 3 – 5 p.m.

By using this method, you will eliminate “tire kickers” and unqualified people calling you to ask about the property (which takes up a HUGE amount of your valuable time) and instead zero in on ONLY the most qualified prospects. Moreover, you will create competition, as there will usually be several prospective tenants viewing the property at the same time. This ensures that you will rent your property faster, as competition and assumed scarcity naturally make people more interested in renting from you.

How to use TeleCenter to sell more houses and get more listings

As a Real Estate sales investor, your bottom line revolves around finding plenty of motivated sellers and hungry buyers and TeleCenterv is tailor made for helping you do just that!  TeleCenter offers you several key benefits to help you locate and lock in a ton more listings each month…and ramp up your sales in the process.

How? Firstly, with TeleCenter’s 24-hour Real Estate hotlines, you’ll get a tremendous boost up when it comes to being the seller’s first point of contact. According to studies conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 70% of people looking to complete a Real Estate transaction do so with the very first person they come into contact with.  By using your 24-hour TeleCenter Real Estate hotlines in your advertising, you’ll ensure that you have a huge leg up on your competition, as the mass majority of investors are NOT using 24-hour hotlines, but are instead running the same old generic ads.

By running ads that include your TeleCenter 24-hour Real Estate hotline in your advertising, you catch sellers’ eyes because you’re not doing the same old thing.  Plus you can offer them something of value (usually a free informative report) in exchange for their calling you. And what’s more, since it is a recorded message, callers won’t feel threatened about getting a high-pressure sales pitch from anybody.

iTeleCenter allows you to capture callers’ phone numbers, as well as the address from which the call was placed (as long as it is listed in the phone book), letting you follow up with prospects even if no message was left.  TeleCenter’s 24-hour Real Estate Hotlines also give you detailed call reports, providing you with iron-clad proof of the number of interested parties who have called in.  24-hour Real Estate hotlines help you to become the seller’s first contact, lock in more deals and provide a 24/7 listing tool with an instant contact option.

A summary of the ways to grow and build any business with Real Estate TeleCenter

To briefly recap just a few of the things we’ve talked about, here is a quick reference guide to how TeleCenter can help you quickly accelerate your business and drive your sales through the roof:

  • Your own personal, toll-free number gives your small business credibility and creates a professional, big-business image while giving you greater accessibility…
  • Toll-Free 24-hour recorded messages offer you multiple ways to market your business on auto-pilot, pass on information, connect with prospects, and build relationships…
  • With the ability to send and receive faxes 24/7 online, you’ll gain convenience while saving money on costly fax machines … plus do your part for the environment by conserving paper and toner…
  • iTeleCenter’s™ 24-hour Real Estate hotlines help realtors and other Real Estate professionals sell more houses, get more listings, and generate more quality leads…
  • Saves you money on your advertising budget … TeleCenter’s Ad Tracking feature allows you to meticulously track which ads are working – and which ones aren’t…
  • our customers and clients can now have around-the-clock access to important printed documents via iTeleCenter’s™ Fax-On-Demand…
  • Prospects can now call you from anywhere in the world, and at no cost, thanks to the wonders of  TeleCenter’s Click-To-Call feature…
  • iTeleCenter™ makes using VA;s a snap by providing a way to keep a dispersed team connected – no matter where they may be located…
  • One Number instead of Three! TeleCenter™lets you provide your customers and clients with one convenient number to call instead of the confusion of three separate numbers for fax, office, and cell…
  • iTeleCenter™ enables you to easily track the return on investment from your pay-per-click advertising…
  • The iTeleCenter™ team provides you with a professional, affordable Voice Studio service to create top-quality greetings, prompts, and on-hold commercials…and in multiple languages…
  • With iTeleCenter, the sky is literally the limit. And iTeleCenter™ users are continually finding new and interesting ways to put this great tool to additional and even more profitable use!

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