Warning: The Gurus Aren’t Telling You This

Why aren’t you independently wealthy yet?

This blog post  shows you why and what you can do about it.

Don’t have much time? Here’s the skinny:

I’m doing a no-replay training with a good buddy who will show you how to flip apartment buildings without cash or financing. 

You can have an awful FICO score and still do this.

He’ll show you proof of how much you can make, he’ll give you exact techniques for doing this, and he’ll show you how to get started.

Go here to register as there will be NO replays:

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Let me be totally blunt.

So many of real estate investors hop from one course to the next. They get frustrated because something isn’t working ight away. Then they immediately get attracted to the next “shiny object.”  Do you think that Donald Trump got rich by jumping from one thing to another? No, he focused on big income property projects.  Did Bill Gates get rich by jumping from one thing to another? Or Warren Buffett? No, these guys focused.

Let’s turn to regular people who have accumulated two or three or five or ten million. Not the super rich, just the financially successful.   Did they build their wealth by going from one home study course to the next? Of course not. Anyone who is financially very successful knows the value of focusing on one thing.

Focusing on one thing is the key to building lifetime wealth. And yet, you aren’t doing it. Why not? I’d say because you are believing the pack of lies that most of the “gurus” teach. They make their money selling you the next “shiny object” so why would they tell you the real truth?

The real truth is that you can forget the gimmicks, the schemes and the “no work, just hit a button” type lies about building successful wealth. Today, as always, look at what people who have already made it are doing.

  • One, people who are rich — they have their own business. You simply can’t get any wealth while you have a J-O-B. Don’t quit just yet, but form a plan that lets you quit very soon.
  • Two, people who are rich — they own rental properties. And not houses, but apartment buildings. I don’t know anyone who has gotten major wealth through houses. Houses are a complete pain in the butt.

But apartment buildings have huge advantages and that’s why virtually everyone I know who has life changing wealth, owns a bunch of apartment buildings.  I would simply suggest you focus on multifamily properties right now. Starting today.

So let’s say you have no cash, no credit, and not much time? I have a good friend who has shown me how to flip apartment buildings for very nice paydays.

This isn’t “buy and hold” but it’s “find and flip”. No ownership, no banks, just potential paydays that will make your life a lot better really fast.  Then once you get into this a little, you can begin to keep some of the apartment buildings instead of flipping them.   This is how you build life changing wealth.

I convinced him to do a few webinars with me to show you how it’s done.  He’ll share his three greatest tips on flipping apartment buildings.  And he’ll give you two huge traps to avoid. And he’ll show you how you can flip apartment buildings in 15 minutes a week.

Go here to register. I’m not planning on ANY replays because of an agreement I had to make with They to get this training to you:

CLICK HERE >>>>> http://mastermind.viprespond.com/?orid=5325&opid=2

You’ll discover on this SHORT web training (I’ve asked our presenters to keep it intense and short)

  1. How to find properties in just 15 minutes a week you can earn anywhere from 1% or more on without risking a dime
  2. How “off market” properties are the key. Forget all the properties that are listed with brokers. Everyone gets to see those and they get worked over and worn out and nobody buys them. They will show you 10 or so websites that are little-known and that list properties available from banks and individuals that are NOT listed anywhere.  These are where the deals can be made
  3. How to go from being a deal finder to a flipper. A little more work, but no cash or financing of your own. And you get a multiple of the profits.
  4. How one simple contract lets you get properties for nothing down, and flip them to an investor…a true nothing down deal for you and a nice life changing cash injection from the investor.
  5. How to avoid having to do a purchase contract at all. By using this simple form instead, you will be in the apartment business and won’t need to have stacks of paperwork or hire a fleet of attorneys either
  6. The biggest mistake beginners make, and why this is so fatal. They will show you how to avoid the mistake entirely, and give yourself oodles of time to find or flip so you aren’t under pressure.
  7. Why apartment buildings are easier than houses, and why you’ll have much less competition if you stick to these few rules. They will give you the straight scoop on the areas of the market that are hottest and very open to new investors who have never yet done a deal.

Go here to register. I’m not planning on ANY replays because of an agreement I had to make with my buddies to get this training to you:

CLICK HERE >>> http://www.DuncanWierman.com/multifamily

P.S. My friend’s trainings are always packed with nuggets of gold. In this one, he said he’ll try to get his partner on with him whose done 20,000 apartment “doors” for himself and others. This is going to be one of the best trainings we’ve ever done, but sorry no replays:

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