Website Ranking and Lead Generation – Its All About Incoming Links

Today I am going to reveal a basic link strategy that can help you get new business leads to call you and/or email you frequently.  It’s not that hard.  I do 97% of my marketing  through the internet.

THE KEY –  Its all about the INCOMING LINKS.

Not all links are created equal. Search engines will value certain links above others. There are numerous factors, but the main ones are:

  • The quality and popularity of the site linking to you. For example, you of course want to secure links from websites that receive a lot of traffic, which can get you a lot of new visitors who find you through the other site. However, you also want to secure links from sites that have a high Page Rank, which is Google’s way of valuating a website’s authority. You can download and use Google Toolbar for free to find out a web page’s Page Rank.
  • The type of site linking to you. Believe it or not, Google values a link from a website that has a domain ending in .edu and .gov as far better than a link coming from .com or .net sites. .org is questionably better than .com or .net. This is most likely because Google believes it harder to get links from such sites unless they are well warranted.
  • Again, the anchor text of an incoming link is very important. Make sure that you secure links that deep-link into your site. This means that they don’t just link to the home page, but internal pages of your site. We’ll discuss how to do this in a moment. We’ll also discuss how to make sure those incoming links have the keyword of your linked page in their anchor text.
  • Most importantly, you want to secure primarily links from thematically relevant websites. This means that if your site is on wholesale houses for sale, don’t have a site on dentistry link to you. It’s alright if someone thematically unrelated randomly links to you. But you don’t want to waste time trying to get a link from an unrelated site as it won’t count towards improving your ranking.

Now this doesn’t apply to generic sites, such as Wikipedia and major social networks like YouTube or even article databases, which we’ll cover later. These are incredibly effective sites to gain links from, and very easy.

This is what you need to do:

Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Personal Profile Channel

Write an article and submit it on all of these sites:

Write a press release and submit it to these sites:

List your business on these sites:
Google Maps
Facebook Places
Yahoo Places
Bing Maps

Optimize your social networking site profiles and your website:

Make sure that you optimize your website for targeted key words and key phrases.  For example if you own a  real estate agency in Los Angeles, you don’t just want to optimize your site with the word  “real estate agent”.  The key words “real estate agent” have way to much competition on the internet.  You’ll want to be more sepcific, Los Angeles Wholesale Bargain Houses is much more specific.  You’ll have to research your own keywords and find out how competitive the keywords and/or phrases are.

Update your social networking profiles and your website:

You’ll also want to update all of your accounts daily, make sure to update your business website almost daily and make sure to write and submit a new article at least once a week.  If you do this consistently for one month you’ll notice a big change in your business and more clients will be calling.

Does this sound like too much work for you?  Well this is just one part of a successful online marketing plan, I haven’t even touched on submitting to online directories and pay-per-click campaigns.  If this sounds like to much work for you,  look toward Virtual Assistants!  They  can do this for you for a very low price!

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