• Good article and exchange of ideas.

    No piece is complete “out of the box” Each website, blog, landing page needs to be tailored to fit the individual agent.

    Their website reflects their experience and knowledge of the market as well as localism (Neighbourhood).

    If ranking on Google can be purchased based on following the hard learned lessons of others I am all for it, because I know that I spend 3 – 4 hours daily looking reading and organizing thoughts for differents posts or ideas in progress.

    Do not forget the most basic tenant, Your website must have content worthy of your readership. If the SEO is perfect and you adwords have huge “clickage” it is meaningless if they arrive at a barrem store front.

    If you have someone coming to Toronto Look me up!
    David Pylyp

  • Thanks for rapid response. Give me the links to your system please. I’d like to learn more.

    I agree 100% that the Squeeze is only one method. After I posted that I thought I’d combine the direct marketing 50/50 with my blog to generate leads and test them both for response in an email campaign. Its all about leads. No leads? no business.

    To answer your question: I am looking for seller leads. I am confident we can sell the properties thru MLS and CL as long as its priced aggressively.

    I’d like to build a buyers list too but the only real buyers lists are wholesale lists (landlords) and they want cash flow poperties. i have a strategy for flipping REOs but i cant get into that right now. Want to get good at one thing first.

  • I have personally tested squeeze pages/landing pages and a fully developed website. I find that a well written, well designed website far out performs a squeeze page. They use of video I find helpful for conversion. Some of the squeeze pages in the SIMS system are very basic
    but I can not say they don’t work because I have not tried them.
    One thing I will say, you have almost no chance of optimizing them for organic search as they have too little content. You will be stuck with driving traffic with PPC,Craigslist and other none SEO approaches.

    I do Website design and SEO for several real estate people including myself we just concentrate on good design,great articles and solid SEO.

    PS. I am a Platinum Member of Duncan’s membership site, it is some of the best education out there for Online and Offline Marketing.
    I am also a member of several other Internet Marketing communities.
    Dollar for dollar Duncan’s advise is the best there is for Online Marketing of Real Estate.

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