What is the best analyzer software for commercial and multifamily investing?

how to do due diligence on a multi family apartmentLast month, one of my students asked me if I had seen property analyzing software from a CPA out of Georgia.

Now, I have seen many different property analyzers in my career. I was expecting to be less than impressed with this one when I sat down at the student’s computer.

What I saw amazed me.  This software was fantastic. It did everything you would need it to do.  If you are a neophyte in the business, this software would make you look like a pro.

If you were a pro, this software would be able to run different models based upon numerous scenarios.

And the nice thing is that it was run on a Microsoft Excel format so it was very easy to install and use.

This software and the instructional book teaches you the investment decision-making process, cash flow analysis, and the financial ratios used in real estate analysis such as cash-on-cash return, internal-rate-of-return (IRR), capitalization rates (Cap Rates), and much more. You will quickly learn when property is a good investment and how to make better real estate decisions.

Here’s some of what it can do:

  • Calculate the optimal offer price.
  • Analyze commercial, apartments, and single-family residential.
  • Forecast cash flow and a rate of return every year.
  • Know how much rent to charge to make a profit.
  • Know how capital improvements will affect cash flow & ROI.
  • Market investment properties with professional PDF reports that have your company logo and property pictures.
  • Plus more… All without paying hundreds of dollars for a financial real estate investment software package…

If you want to check out more, just click on the image below 

Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer

Listen to our last coaching call on how to use it:


Horror Stories of Due Diligence, and How To Prevent Them

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