What is the Rapid Offer Generator?

The Rapid Offer Generator is a PC based software tool that helps real estate investors make massive amounts of offers.  Real Estate investing is a “numbers game”  The more offers you make, the more deals you will close.   This Microsoft Office add-in (software) puts you in control allowing you to cherry pick the best Real Estate deals while eliminating advertising cost.  This software will allow you to maximizing your returns on both time and money  investing in Real Estate.  The Rapid Offer Generator  makes it less expensive, easier and faster than any other form of marketing currently in place.

The Rapid Offer Generator system, comes with two other software tools to make it a complete system. The other tools are

1. The Online REO Deal Finder, to seek out bank reos on the MLS

2. The Online Lead Finder , to seek out Personal Sellers who dont use the MLS
The Rapid Offer Generator is a turn-key Real Estate tool that puts you in the driver’s seat in your market. We have developed software to to the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. What used to take several hours or employees to do can now be done with the touch of one button. Simply tell the software what data file to process,go!

Rapid Offer Generator saves you time and money by allowing you to make massive amounts of offers in minutes.  Make your offer to the sellers first, then wait for the motivated sellers to contact you back to sell at your price!

Rapid Offer Generator gives you the ability to arget motivated sellers weather from a bank or a personal seller whose properties you have prescreened online that meet your investing criteria.

Real Estate Investing is a simple do the math — How many offers did you make today?

The Rapid Offer Generator will allow you:

1.  When Used with the Online Deal Finder Software (included) get in direct contact with motivated sellers, willing to sell at your price, not theirs.

2. Automate the Offer making process

3. Increase your market visibility to Realtors. In almost no time, every Realtor in your area will recognize you as a real buyer

4. Save time and stop money on underpeforming marketing. Go straight to the owners who want to sell at the price you’re looking for.

5. When used with the Online REO Deal Finder (included) you will know in advance the market comparables.  Never make an investing mistake again!  Our system ensures you will be buying low and selling high. Make 100 offers a day fast and simple.

The Rapid Offer Generator is enables the a real estate investor to beat the competition in 2 enormous and powerful ways:

1.  No more marketing needed!! Speed to a deal. Dont do busines the old fashion and slow way of esearching real-estate leads, or direct-mailing campaigns to find the real bargains.

2. Before Rapid Offer Generator there only was the manual way of calling, researching and lots of marketing to find out exactly who is motivated to sell in a hurry.  Our software toolset gives you access to 1000’s of people are motivated to sell at a discount.

Do you want to learn more about Rapid Offer Generatorand what it can do for you? http://www.RapidOfferGenerator.com

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