What Is Wrong With the Push Button Marketing Sales Pitch?

Confusion about Push Button Systems and Automation Leave Many with Questions

There is a lot of talk these days about push button systems. Many people believe anyone offering automated systems is advocating the use of such “push button” systems. This is not the case. There is a distinct difference between push button systems and automated systems. This is something that must be cleared up.

The Danger of Assuming

If people continue to believe that automation is the same thing as a push button system then this could lead to many people getting into business dealings that are doomed to fail. The major distinction here is that a push button system involves no work other than setting things in motion or “pushing a button.” With automation there is work still involved in the process. You can’t simply “set it and forget it.”
When people do not understand this distinction they get involved in business dealings where they have no idea that they need to put some work into the business in order to see results. They assume since it is automated that it is a push button system. They sit back and wait for the system to work some type of magic, but it never does. That is because push button systems and automated systems are not the same thing.

Get Rich Quick

Push button systems are a part of the “get rich quick” way of thinking. Many people are led to believe that you really can just buy some type of system and start making money without ever lifting a finger to do any work. If that were true wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Wouldn’t we all risk $100, $200 or more on a system that would make us rich while we sit back and do nothing? Most people would jump at the chance to do that.

That is where the trouble happens. People feel so compelled by sales pitches that they really start to believe a push button system is a real way to get rich without doing a thing. They invest their money and end up getting nothing in return. Why? The answer is simple. You can’t earn money by doing nothing. It is really logical if you just think about it.
So, what about automated systems? Aren’t they essentially the same? Don’t you just put them in place and they start making you money? The short answer is that no, automated systems do not make money while you just sit back.

The Truth About Automation

Automated systems were not designed to be push button systems. They were designed to be tools. They are not a business on their own. They can’t run a business. They can’t make money without guidance. You have to use automated systems to make money. You have to work with them to make money. Can they make it easier to make money? Yes.

Unlike push button systems, automated systems require constant management. You have to make changes, track results and maintain an automated system. The system is there to make your job easier, not to do your job for you. For example, an automated system can send out emails for you so you don’t have to constantly be checking an inbox and replying to emails. However, an automated system can only send an email that is already written up. It can’t write an email or change an email. You have to be responsible for writing emails and making changes as needed.

When you use automated systems you have to stay on top of them. This means ensuring that they are changing with the environment. The market changes often and you have to adjust your business to those changes. This means adjusting the automated tools that you are using. Depending on the type of automated tools you use, you may need to change content regularly. You can’t just set up your tools and leave them forever. You may earn some money for a little while, but your profits are going to eventually trail off until you are making nothing. You just can’t make money doing nothing.

The Bottom Line

If anyone tries to tell you that automated systems and push button systems are the same thing then you have to disagree. You know now that these two things are quite different. A push button system is a system set up for failure. An automated system is a system that has great potential if you are willing to put in the work. You have to be willing to invest in your business in order for it to work. No system is going to run your business for you.

A push button system is nothing more than a scam. It really won’t get you far in business. It really won’t make your rich and it really won’t work for too long of a period. It is fine if your only interest is making some quick cash right now and not really having an actual business.

If you want a real business that has life and potential then look for automated system. Just be sure that you put the work into your business that is necessary. You can’t sit back and watch money pour in. That doesn’t happen. To make money you have to work for it. Nothing about that has ever changed.

Once you see the difference between these two systems you can start making better choices. You can see what it will take to be a success so you can get started on the right foot. Your future business potential looks bright if you understand it will take work and effort on your part. Give up the idea of a push button system and you will finally be able to see the real road to success.


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