Why are you not succeeding.. ( at the risk of offending you)

What is your excuse?

This message, I hope, will cause you to reflect on what motivates you and inspires you to reinvigorate your plan. To do that, I risk offending you.


Before throwing out my two cents on that topic, the reasons I bring it up are twofold:

  1. The perception that rising number of people unemployed and homes lost, has increased the competition in the marketplace.
  2. My role as a “LEADER” and my stated desire to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of everyone I touch impels me to provide ‘nudging’ when probably a smarter man would keep quiet.

But in the last several months, I have been asked numerous times about what can be done to make more money, to reap more fruits from marketing efforts, to suggest some magic potion that will provide income and relief from existing stress. Undoubtedly, my answer does not satisfy the heart of their desire – to make the pain go away.

Because circumstances, in my thinking, are God’s gift to move us from our comfort zone and require us to grow. In doing so, it moves us to a deeper understanding of life, a clearer perspective on what’s important, and a meaningful distinction between endure and persevere. The Godly point of all this is to become a bigger, grander version of what it is to be human. So unfortunately my advice has no magic potion, but to keep after it and do the little things that will bring success
in the long run.

In my thinking there is a meaningful difference between ‘persevere’ and ‘endure’.  I’ve heard many people use them synonymously, but the differences are particularly worth highlighting today.  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary  describes endure as “to continue in the same state; to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding”,  whereas persevere states “to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counter influences, opposition, or  discouragement.”  The distinction hinges on passive versus active: to endure suffering borders on being a victim as  difficulties attack you; whereas, to persevere implies maintaining personal initiative during times of difficulty. The point I’m asserting is that your mindset is critically important in generating positive momentum.

Where does fortitude come from?  How does a person shift from the mental perspective of enduring difficulties to instead
persevering through obstacles? Obviously it’s different for different people.  There are, however, a few things I believe are factors.  I don’t think ‘good times’ help us grow as individuals as much as  ‘tough times’.  It is during trials that we are defined.

Are you a victim?  Even a little? Do you see some part of your world as outside of your control and therefore your actions are justified in a ‘survival of the fittest’ sort of way?  If you lose a Bid to a competitor and your pipeline is empty, does that justify getting upset with your spouse? An extra scoop of ice cream or glass of wine? Being rude to the waitress? Cheating on your taxes or kicking the dog ?  If you are besieged by a string of difficulties and your economics are not what you want or need, does that determine what your ethics are?  In other words, are you only the sum of your circumstances? Maybe you can sort of see by my questions some of the difficulties we have faced with.

To be human certainly implies much more than being an intelligent animal.  Animals can only endure difficulties, but humans can hope and act.  And the first action necessary for a successful life is ‘right-mindedness’.  Getting your mind moving in a positive direction regardless of circumstances is the key to developing an action plan and long term  happiness. I recently finished reading  the bestselling book 10 secrets for success and Inner peace, (also the POWER OF INTENTION, and Be a better YOU) wherein the authors describes in some fascinating examples that our perspectives are  largely self-created which amazingly influenced the outcomes of our lives. In other words, if you think you’re going to have a bad year, you probably will.

Similarly, if you believe you’ll have a good year, your prospects for having one greatly improve. The challenges we’ve faced here are and have been a testament to that formula, to focus on the goal ahead regardless of the current situation. As I said, since it’s my desire to be a catalyst for positive change, sometimes that means providing a proverbial kick in the pants; so if we were face-to-face I would ask some probing questions:

  •  Are you doing those little things that will create an environment of success like ,  asking for referrals religiously, adding to your database constantly?
  •  Are you investing in yourself and your business, making sure you’re working on long term items as well as the day-to-day items?
  •  Are you outsourcing those things you are not good at so you can devote your time to the things you are good at?
  •  Are you working out and investing in your health so you have a vitality that is attractive to prospective customers?
  •  Are you practicing projecting a positive mental attitude that attracts people toward saying ‘yes’?
  •  Are you attending seminars  so you can get that one thing that will put it all together? You are one idea away
    from becoming much bigger!
  •  Finally, do you have an accountability partner that you can run ideas by who can help you sustain energy and activity levels, who you can share your goals with, who will encourage you to become the person you desire, who will be a catalyst for your positive growth and you theirs in return?

You have success you always have had it. All you have to do is look in the mirror and “DO THE DO” I believe in you so should you. “If you can look up you can get up if you can get up you can RUN!!! See you at the TOP!!

Revised from an original article from Brian Doucet