When is it totally irrational in Real Estate?

Private Money

private money

Man-oh-man… I just found out one of my friends, a real estate investor loaded with private money, bought a bunch of cashflowing rentals…  Recently he had a nightmare fighting off raccoon’s and bad tenants in his rentals. It’s crazy how he got so mad and wrapped up into this whole thing.

Out of the blue he did something totally irrational. He practically gave away his best selling training system for investors on “How to raise wads of private money“.  It’s literally an encyclopedia on private money with Manuals, 8 hours of audio, lead gen software, lender websites, marketing materials, etc. – ALL of his personal closely guarded secrets.  It’s the stuff you could certainly use right now in your real estate biz.

It shows you how to get cash to fund your deals from private individuals in your own backyard. No fees, no points, no formal qualifying for loans.  Best part – the private money is available on a 2-3 days notice!

The reason I wanted to let you know about it… he was offering this training for a measly 25 cents on a dollar! (You’ll see  below.)  Unfortunately, I learned about this too late as he already closed down the page with the Special. The deal was so good I was compelled to make it available to you and all of my subscribers and customers.

… However, since the deal is formally off the table, here is the ONLY way to get it:

Step 1: Go to this page:


There is a full hour worth of solid real estate training you can watch on that page without an email optin – just for showing up. He’ll walk you through multiple real life case studies on how to make money in this slow real estate market.

You’ll also see the Special deal he offered to his customers. Please note, you will NOT be able to buy from that page, it’s closed.

Step 2: Go to this secret page:


I set it up just for you for the next 2 days so you too can get this deal for yourself, still at the same special monster discount he was offering earlier.  I could only get him to agree to let me keep this link active for the next 2 days. He’ll deactivate it after that. So don’t sleep on this.

 You can use this private money funding to buy foreclosures, short sales, estates, probates, land, income producing property, and other real estate deals.  Best part – you can cut through all the red tape of qualifying for conventional bank financing.  Let’s face it, banks made it pain in the a… to get funding for foreclosures. When you have private money, you can tell your banker everything you think about him and his loan application process.

Private Money

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