Why 90 Percent Of Investors Will Never Make A Dime!

 Stop Making Excuses and Just Do It!

I hear it every week from all types of investors, “I’ve bought over 50K of real estate courses, and I still have not done a deal” or “Such and such guru screwed me” or ” Their coaching program took all my money”

One of my other pet peeves is everyone telling me they want to do multifamily deals, and they have NO idea what they are talking about. They can talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk.

Let’s Examine Why Your Failing!

1. You are falling prey to the “shiny object” syndrome.

What I mean is, you won’t have a laser-like focus on your real estate business and you’ll be tempted to join the latest get-rich-quick real estate course of the week

2. You won’t get off your butt and do something.

Most people are in their comfort zone. As you can see from the image below the majority of the people we know are living in this comfort zone, just getting by, complaining about every aspect of their life. They probably would rather have the government provide for them.


What would life be like if you had no fear? Would your decisions be different? Would you actions change? Fear keeps people in the comfort zone.

So how do you make the big money in real estate? You have to have the  guts to push yourself through the comfort zone of life. When you find a deal that you know works but have no idea how your going to pull it off, keep pushing. You mind will race finding every reason why you can’t get the deal done, or your not good enough, or what if it doesn’t work.  JUST DO IT!   Heck,  I will even help you do it for a share of the deal!

Any person can become rich in any business as long as they stay with it and focus on it. So, since real estate is my passion, I would stay with it because when I started investing, I knew my hard work would pay off and I would eventually make a lot of money. In short, if you want to be rich you must have a long-term focus and don’t let anything distract you. You must also take massive action.

Are you read for success?

I am inviting you work with me and my team to own your first multifamily property.  I guarantee your success.*   If you don’t succeed,  I will refund all your money in our monthly coaching calls!  All the risk is on me!   * Caveat – You must be on the phone  call and do your homework

Here are your choices:

  1. Own an apartment building within 1 year and make big money or:
  2. Keep doing what you are doing now, and keep getting what you are getting now.

Which is it? Are you bold enough to take action, or just a lazy dreamer who complains about gurus and their courses that do not work?

What would you do if you cannot fail now?  

I am so confident in the multifamily group coaching calls, that I am allowing to attend the calls and get access to everything for only $7 for 30 days. The rest of the time is only $97 a month. If you can’t do that then get a part time job to create more income and stop fooling yourself.



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