Why Does Duncan Wierman Promote Charles Dobens

What is the real motivation behind Karen Hanover attack on Charles Dobens?

I am sure you have heard by now that Karen Hanover is trying to discredit me by making posts, comments and videos about myself  because I am promoting Charles Dobens.  I find it odd that until Charles Dobens refused to work with Karen as of late November that she has taken this route.  Its just one more look at her poor behavior.

YES , It’s true, I do promote Charles Dobens.  Charles Dobens has my vote of confidence because if you knew the entire story, and you actually read the transcript of the case , then you too would  agree with me!  Karen Hanover is jealous!  Karen cannot get one  real estate guru to promote her  after her exposure for who she actually is!  Karen Hanover  created fake credentials  so she could create a product launch (piggybacking on DC Fawcetts credibility) and bamboozle  millions from “want to be ” commercial investors.

Charles Dobens and the SEC

The  entire SEC episode will soon be settled and Charles Dobens will finally have his lawyer’s gag order lifted and be able to share with everyone all that has happened to his company over the last year.

In short – Just over a year ago, a business partner of Charles was approached by two investigators from the SEC asking questions about a company that he owned that was set up to acquire multi-family property. The partner was responsible for investor relations and had hired an attorney by the name of Ross Pascal to assist in raising funds for a rather large transaction that Dobens had under contract. Mr. Pascal drafted a web page and brochure that stated that the company, which was owned by Dobens partner, his wife and Dobens owned over twenty million in multi-family assets. In actuality the website should have said “the principals of” the company owned over twenty million in assets.

As a result, the SEC took Dobens to court, accused them of running a Ponzi scheme, claimed that they were using company assets for personal expenses and cost Dobens and his investors over $300,000 in lost revenue and legal expenses to defend themselves.

The parties are entering into a settlement with the SEC. There will be an statement on the part of the SEC that there was no finding of fault on their part. No Ponzi scheme, no indictment as some guru (Karen Hanover) is accusing Dobens of, no use of business assets for personal use. On the contrary, not one investor stepped forward to accuse them of any wrongdoing. The investors who were supposedly being defrauded and needed protection from the SEC hired their own attorney to protect themselves against the SEC when the SEC attempted unsuccessfully to seize their assets. Dobens approached the 40+ investors and offered to step down as managing members of our properties. Not one investor asked them to resign. They all gave Dobens a vote of confidence and demanded that the SEC back away from their actions.

The investors’ attorney will also be coming out with their own statement regarding what transpired.

Charles Dobens Defense

As a result of these charges, Charles Dobens was forced to defend himself against the likes of Karen Hanover and her ilk. If you would like to speak to any of his investors, Charles Dobens would be more than happy to provide you with the Schedule A’s from the Operating Agreements so you can contact any of them. They are all aware of what transpired and have proven to be the best partners anyone could hope for. As a person, Dobens could do one of two things, fold up his tent and walk away with his tail between my legs or teach other investors what happened to him and help them so that they are never put in this same position. Charles Dobens choose to do the latter.

Charles is a REAL Investor and owns millions in property versus Karen Hanover who does not. Charles  Dobens and Jillian Sidoti have come together to provide a REAL service to REAL investors who want the real deal information.  The MultiFamily Investing Academy was created to FIX the wrong doings in this industry.

I would suggest you attend the next one in LA in one week time and see for yourself. If its not everything I say it is, I will give you your money back!!!


Charles Dobens has my full endorsement and he stands behind his word!

is the go to man!

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