Why I Did NOT Promote The Commercial Goldrush Foreclosure Course

There have been quite a few real estate gurus upset with me recently.  They said I am hurting sales and I ‘m not a team player. They talked to me about how much money I am passing up. They even call me a “hater”  and a negative person. I think NOT.

I feel that these  “gurus”  are doing nothing more than treating you like a wallet with an email address!!   How many emails have they sent you in one day and for the week?  How many bribes / bonuses did they promise you just to get you to buy it from them?    None of the emails,  in my opinion, had any worthwhile content.

The ultimate sales pitch to get you to open your wallet was the limited  “Partnering Spots” available.  Come on now … they are NOT going to provide financing to, or partner, with 1,000 different students… they are NOT going to “handle the deal”  for 1,000 different students… Nothing removes ALL the risk for you (and still makes you money).

Bottom line is, too many people are looking to get rich easy.   They have seen some commercial investors get rich,  but the problem is IT TAKES WORK,  just ask them.  If it were so easy, and anyone can do it like they promise, these people would NOT BE HAVING A PROBLEM!!! I actually think these self proclaimed guru’s get more from their student’s then their students get from them!!

Remember who made the most money during the California Gold Rush of  ’49 ,  it was the people who sold the shovels!  99% of the gold miners never made a dime, and ended  up penniless, heartbroken and /or dead .  Looks like the same is going to happen with this Commercial Gold Rush.

All the real estate information guru’s were excited to get on board the launch because of the HUGE prizes to be given away:  3 cars, including a Ferrari, motorcycles, trips, etc.   BRIBES!  I say.  I had posted the link to the launch blog site, but they have now blocked it so the general public cannot see who won what prize and how much money they made from the launch.

Okay, so has anyone really checked DC and Karen out?   If Karen is such a commercial expert, why is she only a CCIM “Candidate”?  To be a CCIM Candidate one needs to broker or own at least $10 million in deals before  one can become a full CCIM.  So, CCIM candidate is basically just a student who hasn’t graduated yet, right?   Based on all the hype, surely Karen must have done a lot more in deals than $10 million. I can’t find any verification, other than from Karen and others who sell her stuff, that she really was a commercial real estate broker for Marcus & Millichap or Sperry Van Ness as she says, or that she has really bought/brokered all the deals she claims to have done. Why aren’t people performing any due diligence on DC and Karen before parting with their hard-earned money?

Out of all the thousands of new students they get, the law of averages say that they will have at least one or two that they can parade around and tout how well their courses and boot camps work, but the vast majority of these students will only meet failure, even those who follow the Fawcett/Hanover system step-by-step.

This launch was completely disrespectful to you.  I do not recommend you buy the course!
If you really want to get into commercial investing,  and work with the “real deal”, Check Out  David Lindahl .  David Lindahl  co-authored commercial investing manual for Donald Trump.


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