Why I think Zacks launch is totally bogus…. (gossip)


1. You DO NOT need to buy Real Estate course !
2. You DO NOT need to listen to another webinar !
3. You DO NOT need to join another site!
4. You DO NOT need to subscribe another service!
5. You DO NOT need to attend another bootcamp!


Let me set the record straight, even if it makes a lot of people mad. You do not need more “Real Estate Investing” information or courses.  It’s just more information overload. Chances are, your bookshelves are  full of courses and your inbox is overflowing with more offers for special webinar trainings! You’re drowning in real estate information.

If words were money, you’d already be rich.  In the last few months you have received hundreds of emails about:

  • Foreclosure Investing,
  • Short Sales,
  • Tax Sale Arbitrage,
  • Lease Options
  • Website Internet Systems,
  • and now yet one more twisted spin on a Wholesaling course

Let me ask you …..

Has it ALL helped you one single  bit?

WAKE UP !!!   Stop buying this crap!  You don’t need it! You already have enough information that you should be able to put together into a simple, workable plan that will pay you good money!  If you believe that buying a  new  “flavor of the week” real estate system is so revolutionary “that’s is going to change the real estate investing world forever” you have another thing coming! It is NOT going to help you one bit….unless your goal is to go broke.  Its the same old stuff repackaged to make you think you need it! This is just another wholesaling course for craps sake!

Zach has simply re-badged his MLS Gorilla software (as it was buggy as all hell) so he does not have to keep updating each state’s NAR contracts – Look what others are saying…

Not only this.. His “free software ” is nothing more than putting a FRAME around the Connected Investor Site HERE!




















Below are the types of emails that people send me all the time:

Dear Duncan..

I’ve think I have bought every course available that gurus have promoted with emails promising me riches. I just don’t know WHAT to do or who to believe anymore. Nothing is working , and my credit card is maxed out. They make so man promises before you buy, but when the rubber meet the road..  you cant get hold of them, or they are trying to sell you a $25,000 mentoring course that promises me the world. I cant’ afford that. My wife is already mad at me.. its unbearable .

If I can have someone show me what do do just ONCE, I know I can do it. I don’t need to make a fortune. I just want to provide a good living for my family. I must start making money instead of spending more!  Please can you help me with some personal coaching.  I want to be able to ask questions to someone who is actually doing  deals. I don’t want to speak to  some guy  in a UTAH call center, who reads off a script and  never has did a deal in his life.

Please can  we can work together to grow MY business? I’ll be glad to pay for HELP, but I don’t want another real estate course that promises me everything but delivers nothing..

Please help?

Name withheld


Does that sound like you?  It make me sad!  Hard working people from all walks of life find themselves not achieving the success they deserve!  NO better off today then this time last year and are actually in a worse position now because having more debt and the stress that goes along with it.

IT HAS GOT TO STOP!  If you find yourself as one of them.. You can’t live like that.

I am being completely honest when I tell what is “really” needed instead of yet one more real estate course.

and I will share that with you tomorrow…..

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