Why Real Estate Investors MUST Use a Virtual Assistant to Stay Ahead Of the Pack

Don’t Think You Can Afford a Virtual Assistant?virtual-assist

Not being able to afford a virtual assistant is the most common issue that is raised by newbie investors.  Actually hiring a virtual assistant may be more affordable and viable for you than you realize.

There are two things that can help you determine whether or not you can truly afford a virtual assistant. First take a look at your expenses for the last two or three months. Have you spend money on items that you now consider fruitless, ones that were for products that you have never used? Your total for this type of purchase may surprise you. You could have spent that money or hiring a virtual assistant, even on a temporary basis.

The next area to look at is your daily or monthly to-do list. Do you spend lots of hours trying to design your book covers. Or trying to get your membership site to look and run the way you want it to? Would your time be better off spent elsewhere? What could you have got accomplished if you had hired someone to do these projects for you?

Your main accomplishment would be in getting these tasks actually completed and having them crossed off your list permanently. Secondly you could have spent the time pro-actively marketing or working in other areas of your business. Ideally in those areas that you excel at.

Can you now see that you might just have the money to hire a VA? Even if you are still not totally convinced you should start setting aside some funds for this purpose. Start with a small monthly budget and hire someone to do a few small jobs for you. This could be scheduling out your social media posts for a month.

You will notice that even this one small job frees up your time. Your sites will most likely start to see more interaction from regular posting and this reflects on your main business.

Once you start to see what a virtual assistant can do for your business you will be eager to give them more tasks. You may also find that you don’t miss the money you are spending either. Instead you are spending money on something positive for your business rather than some fruitless product that didn’t help grow your business as promised.

Hopefully by now you are ready to hire your first virtual assistant now and really start growing your business.

My favorite service for finding VA’s for real estate investing is www.Va4REI.com.  If you want to get a special discount, please mention that “Duncan” sent you.


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