Why You Need to Add Google Plus To Your Marketing Mix Efforts

Gmail is now integrated with Google+. What does this mean for you and your business? The inclusion of circles to your contacts creates a powerful tool for your marketing efforts.

The Official Google Blog posted an article announcing updates to their Gmail and Contacts platforms. Among the upgrades included integration of Google+ Circles into your Contacts, automatic contact information pulled from their Google profile and sharing images to Google Plus directly from Gmail.

How does this effect your marketing efforts?

We’ve all grown to love our Google+ Circles. So easy to organize. Business owners and marketers agree that it’s by far the best way to do contacts. Now our Circles are right there in Gmail. For marketing, this means we have instant email lists. Now, I don’t mean to say “go and spam your circles.” By all means please do not do this.

Email is considered a little more private by most people. But the answer to that is a simple opt-in. Just like with your normal subscriber list, but much easier. Simply let the people in your contacts know that you have certain circles ranging through topics like “humor, health, business, etc.” that you post to regularly. Ask them if they would like to be included in one of those circles.

Clearly, most people would rather have the option of what content they receive from you so the addition is mutual. Let people know that sometimes you like to send out email to your circles; non-junk, just good ol’ unique content about that niche.

Google+ Contact Circles basically allow you to create and organize a large amount of niche lists into one very easy to use platform. Using tools like FindPeopleOnPlus.com will help you find people interested in certain topics or keywords.

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