Have Continual Success in Finding Buyers Fast!

You don’t make money in real estate until you find a Buyer or Tenant. Perhaps you putting up roadblocks for your prospects without knowing it? S These investors believe they can operate the real estate business by removing the human element. Just as you & I get aggravated with endless voicemail and hoops, so do your Buyers. Attracting buyers is key to a successful real estate transaction. If you rehab or flip properties to retail buyers, make sure that you don’t loose them when they become interested in your property.

How many times have you called a company that only provided voicemail options? Or how many times have you had to deal with a Customer Service rep or associate that would never answer the phone? The only was to leave a voicemail message. Do you like the endless loop of voicemail dancing when you’re trying to buy something or contact a company? Of course not and neither does any prospective buyer.

Once you have a buyer interested in your property, why do you make them to jump through endless hoops to perform for you?

If you facilitate the process instead of clog it with bottlenecks, you will sell more properties faster which means you’ll make more money faster!  Voicemail can be tool rather than a bottleneck when used properly . If you advertise a home for sale in the newspaper, a voicemail describing the home and directions would be appropriate. 

Using voicemail beyond this point can hinder your buyer from moving forward. For example, are you an investor that uses voicemail to recommend the buyer fax an application in before they can view the property? Do you give them an option to call you directly in the voicemail?

Even though some of us want our business to be 100% automated, taking the human element out of the buying process will hurt your real estate business.


  • Hire someone specifically to answer the phone and give directions, addresses, qualifications, etc. Adding someone & not using voicemail would increase a response over using voicemail alone.
  • Use a motivated mortgage broker would gladly accept your calls for prospect in exchange to get the qualified.
  • Use a Realtor.

Use voicemail only to provide directions and instruct the prospects to look for the flyer in the window and ‘info tube’ for all the details and qualifications.

A flyer can list all the benefits, features, qualifications & a direct telephone to speak to someone. This will ensure the prospect has read your qualifications and viewed the home before calling. Using voicemail effectively along with other strategies will reduce repetitive telephone calls and keep your buyers rolling in. Don’t make the buying process a hassle. Make buying easy!!

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