Online Real Estate Lead Generation Tool – The “Online Lead Finder”

This handy software tool will allow you to be the “Rain Maker and Match Maker” of online deal making.  Simply fire up this software application. Choose the type of lead you want, choose the area you are looking for, and let it run.  In 30 seconds or less, you will have a “short list ” of leads.

Select the ones you want, email them, and do a deal. Easy!

This tool has been copied by another “guru” who is selling it for FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ($4,000.00) which I feel is shocking and taking advantage of people.

This is my contribution to your continued success in your real estate business. I will continue to bring the most advanced, cutting edge tools to you. I guarantee that as a member of my Platinum system, this handy software will do more MORE than any other for less .




You must email me to send you a registration code. 

Watch the video HERE on how to setup the software and your Gmail accounts

More video training is on the Youtube Channel

My Favorite  Keywords-to-find-deals-on-Craigslist 

Support Questions:

Please use the helpdesk at

Install a Virtual Box to have a Windows OS

Here’s the link to do this for  Mac users.


8 thoughts on “Online Real Estate Lead Generation Tool – The “Online Lead Finder””

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  3. Hi Duncan,

    Chaney here…

    This is the first time Ii have used the “Online Lead Finder” and it is amazing. However, in my area of Pennsylvania which is a huge state, there are no listing of any of the counties of PA. I work out of Montgomery County which is about 35 miles outside Philadelphai, but there are several other beautiful counties in PA.

    We’re all suburbs of Philadelphia County and they include Chester County, Bucks County, Berks County and Delaware County. Listed here in this program are just Philadelphia (that’s area is mainly Rehabbers) and Lehigh County their both 35-45 miles north of Philadelphia.

    Would it be possible to add a few of these counties to your list, it would help a great deal for investors in the PA area?

    Thanks once again,


  4. The software queried sites as they have catagories… so if no catagory exist for Montgomery county ( in craigslist ) , then no results will be returned.
    However, if you know a site that you want to get leads from specificially, you can use the email extractor and use the KEYWORD to bring back results from that domain specifically.

  5. This tool is great.

    The price is right too!

    Thank You!

    The other tool by Miss “GURU” and Dr Mike
    pull results from Yahoo answers,ebay and other sites
    but $3997 is way too much.

  6. Dont forget that we have the Yahoo Answers technique also in the course ALONG with seperate indivdual ebay software for finding deals too
    (use the Navigation bar or Search function to take you there )

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