Getting Over The Fear Of Starting Investing

How many times have you let fear stop you from doing what you wanted to do?

We all think we’re beyond that. However, the truth is, fear stops everyone at some point in their lives. Think back to a specific incident in your life where you were so intimated by the “what ifs” that you completely talked yourself out of your idea. Have you ever convinced yourself that obstacles were insurmountable and there was no point in proceeding?

This happened to me when I first decided to flip homes. I had strong desire, will and motivation; and was willing to work night and day if I had to. I started by doing what most people do. I educated myself on how to flip homes for profit by reading everything I could. Luckily, I like to read, so I read tons of articles. I surfed tons of websites including the real estate investing clubs. Then, I read books. Books on how to flip homes, how to find foreclosures, how to ….. You name it. My next step was to attend seminars.

I knew I was getting down to the wire and it was time to start taking action. I had read that the most difficult part of the process was to find an appropriate property; however, this was easier than I thought. I found several properties that were within a few miles of my own neighborhood (which is what I should do, according to my research.).

And that’s exactly where I got stuck…… I was afraid to move to the next step of actually making an offer. All I could think of were the “what ifs”. “What if they don’t accept my offer? What if they think I’m an amateur and won’t want to deal with me? What if I can’t get a loan? What if they want more money down? What if I do something wrong to blow the deal? What if I do end up with the property and then it doesn’t sell? There are some great long term loans for bad credit.

I really outdid myself and paralyzed myself with doubts, and yes, fear. I almost gave up at this point. Luckily, although it took a little while, I finally dug myself out of my well of fear. I called up a friend who routinely invests in HUD properties and picked his brain. I needed to hear that it actually could be done. Then, I called another friend. I told him about this property I had a lead on and asked if he was willing to partner with me on the deal. (I had no money and no credit.) He would get the financing and I would do the legwork. We determined a profit split and….. believe it or not, everything worked out just as planned! We closed the deal a month later and I was on my road to flipping homes full-time. The next one I did on my own and the next. Six months later, I was able to quit my regular job and focus full-time on flipping homes.

Looking back, I wonder what would have happened to me if I would have let fear stop me and I had just given up. I would probably still be at my old job. Which, I liked, but didn’t provide me with the financial freedom I wanted. I would have always wondered, what if? Boy, am I glad I don’t have to wonder.

Although it was a personal challenge, I moved past my fears. You can too. The key is DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t listen to that ugly, doubtful, inner voice. Let your positive voice speak louder. Ask yourself, “What if I make tons of money? What will I do with it? Who in this world can I help?” Let those positive and empowering what ifs speak the loudest.

If you are planning to start a restaurant and if you happen to have a bad credit you can get a bad credit business loan for a restaurant here and build your business.

And I promise you; you won’t regret it!

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