Why Google Profiles Are The Magic Key To Higher Search Rankings

how to create the best google profile
Come on, admit it!  You have Google’d yourself at least once.  I know I have. Its okay, because you must manage your reputation online. Just as you have Google’d yourself, many others are searching Google to find you!

Google Profiles have been around for two years, but have recently gotten an update with a new look and some cool new features. When you setup a Google Profile correctly and use it to connect to other online services it will help you improve your search engine results.

Don’t have a Google profile yet? Visit and create a profile that best represents the way you want to be seen by the world.

Three main benefits of having a Google Profile:

  1. When someone Google’s your name, your profile shows up at the bottom of the search results with your picture. Search results will display three profiles per the searched name.
  2. “Google juice,” the websites you link to and from your profile will have a boost in the search engines. It will eventually mean that your Google Buzz’es, on your profile, will rank higher on certain keywords.
  3. Your profile should act as a portal for all the information you share, your professional and personal information and contact information.

Setting up a Google Profile is a extremely powerful tactic to promote yourself and your products on the internet.  Your Google profile should address the below questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you located on the web?
  3. How can someone connect with you?
  4. What value do you add?
  5. How many people are following you and who is following them?

I believe a Google profile should be one of the first steps in your search engine marketing activities. I suggest that you begin by uploading a good looking quality nice photo of yourself so people will become familiar with you.  Also ensure that you allow people to get your contact info, send you messages, read your biography, along with all your web links that you want to share.

You will find that Google displays search results in a profile section at the bottom of the search page! This mean your name now appears in search results.   I would further recommend that when building a profile on Google, that you  stake a claim on your most highly competitive keywords that are in your niche and you will start steering new people to you.

The Twelve Step Process To Setting Up A Google Profile

1. Go to Google Profiles and click on ‘Create my profile on Google’ .

2. If you already have a Google username, log in. If not, you’ll need to create one before you can continue.

3. Complete all the information to who you are, where you are, etc.

4. Profile Photo – The best profiles always have a great photo

5. Create a short bio about you and your business. Make it engaging, and professional.

6. What Do You Provide – If you promote a product or service, your profile is a good place to advertise it.

7. Key Words – What do you prefer doing and who are you? These are your keywords. Insert your key words into your “About me” and link them back to your site or blog you are promoting.

8. Custom Links – Google Profiles lets you have all your websites links together. If you have a website or are on networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you should incorporate every one of them into your Google profile. Providing links to your other sites on your profile is also useful for the other sites since it will provide them a search engine increase.

9. Business Photos – In this segment you can have your images from Picasa appear. If you have a business this is a great place to show off pictures of your products, services, happy customer, etc.

10. Contact Info – This goes without saying.

11. Profile URL – At the very bottom is a place to choose your profile URL. Be certain to make use of a business name so your profile name will be familiar. Your profile name is what people will see in your browser title bar in addition to what they see in search engines.

12. To end with, Click on “Create a Google Profile”.

But wait, don’t stop just yet,

You need to get the word out via Google Buzz

In my opinion Google will prioritize Buzz in search, which means that your content and your interaction is important for high rankings !

For example, on Twitter if you have a large following of valued “Twitteri”, that when you tweet, it’s highly probable that it will rank higher in search results.  I am going on this assumption is how Google Buzz operates, for users that make their profile and feed public.

You should add your “connected sites,” such as:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Flickr & Picasa
  • Google Reader
  • Google Status

People respond to fresh content. If you do not add these above sites, it will look like you are an inactive user.

Take it to the next level with tighter relationships with close contacts

Google Buzz considers it service to be a network of your friends and close business contacts. (Twitter on the other hand, is more of a megaphone)  Buzz is meant to work within your “inner circle” of Google contacts. The purpose is to give you the ability to stay in touch with people that are important in your life. Just like any community, you have to share useful information, leave comments, help others if you want to use it successfully.

How to Promote your Google Profile and Buzz

I think it makes much more sense to promote one URL that can connect other people to all of the others!  When you promote your Google Profile, make sure the URL appears like this: This way, when someone clicks the link, they will be taken directly to the “buzz” tab in your profile.

Where To Promote your Google Profile:

  1. All of your social media profiles should include a link to your Google Profile.
  2. Instead of listing one hundred URL’s on your business card, list your website/blog and your Google Profile URL.
  3. In your email signature, put your URL.
  4. If you guest post on a blog or write an article for an online site, put your URL in your byline.
  5. Write a blog post talking about Google Buzz, while listing your own account.
  6. You get one URL in your Twitter profile, so add your Google Profile URL there.
  7. Add a Buzz WordPress plugin to your blog so that people can promote your posts to their Buzz accounts.
  8. Update your Google status with an announcement that you’re using Google Buzz and link to your profile.
  9. Have other Buzz users promote you by sharing great content in the first place.
  10. Add it to your Instant Messenger status message.
  11. Add It To Your Google Reader.

Google Buzz is here to stay. If you are not using Gmail yet, you should! Start today, because Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are outdated. There’s no doubt people who build their personal brands on Google with Buzz will gain more visibility in search and become more successful.


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