How To Find More Hidden Leads That Have Tons of Equity

Inherited Property Trusts


Inherited property is where the primary owner has died and now has past the  ownership of the property to someone else (heir).

The inherited property owner (heir) is  highly motivated to sell for a few reasons:

  • The inherited property is located in a different state than where the heir lives – the heir usually doesn’t have the time or resources to look after a property.
  • They don’t want to be a landlord.
  • They don’t have the money or resources to make repairs to the inherited property. Usually these properties have not been updated in years and so the heir is willing to sell at a discount
  • The heirs need money NOW – Inherited property has many expenses that come along with it.  Heirs usually don’t have excess cash to pay these expenses.  They are willing to sell the property at a discount to get cash now.

How are inherited property trusts leads different from probate leads?

Probate is a process by which the legal title of property is transferred from the decedent’s estate to his/her beneficiaries. Since you can’t take it with you, the court determines who gets it.  Investors that are working in the probate niche are only finding a small portion of the available leads.  Most investors are only finding probate leads where a probate case was filed.  However, there are a much larger lead source of property where there is NEVER a probate case filed.

Inherited Property Trusts

Why?  Because a trust passes through the probate process.  The previous owner likely placed a property in a trust which allowed them to completely skip the probate process for asset protection of their estate.

So when you are work with inherited property lists,  you are getting to a much bigger source of leads within probate.  It’s like an iceberg.   Probate leads are just the tip of the iceberg… but like an iceberg (where the majority of its mass is underwater) …inherited property is a complete unknown to investors (and a much much bigger opportunity)

When you target probates, foreclosures, and short sales you are only getting a smaller percentage of the available leads (and also in competition with most other investors for the same leads.  And the great thing about this lead source is that there is very little competition. First, most investors don’t even know this list exists.  Secondly, it’s very tough to get this type of information from the public records.

Where do you find the Inherited Property List?

The answer, is a specialized data mining and compiling company called  “US Lead List” They specialize in helping real estate investors getting lists of inherited property nationwide.  They have been doing this for years and are completely under the radar.  They limit the distribution of their list in every area to make sure they are not saturating the market.

Here is how US Lead List works:

  • A new list is created every quarter with no duplication to previous lists – you get fresh leads that nobody else has contacted yet.
  • They also limit sales in any one area – so you don’t have to worry about too many investors going after the same leads.
  • They have been around for many years and most of their clientele are repeat customers – that means that their customers are making money and happy .. otherwise they wouldn’t come back.

The new quarterly list is now available to you at a discount when you use this special discount link “US Lead List”

To find out if your area is available and the number of inherited properties available (each state and county have different numbers of available leads) all you have to do is simply give them call at 1.866.711.1688 or you can also request a quote “US Lead List”

When you call, the owners will actually answer the phone.  You’ll speak with either Lance or Terry.  Tell them that I (Duncan Wierman) referred you and they will give you my group discount price of 10 cents off per each name plus an additional five cents  off.  When you get your second list, you still get the group discounted price, but they will take an additional .10 cents off.

Contact  “US Lead List” and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get from this Inherited Property lead source.

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