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    Date: June 1, 2020, 2:06 pm EST
    From: Duncan C. Wierman
    Subject: You Can Crack The Code Too!

    Dear Soon To Be Richer Real Estate Investor,

    In order to succeed in today's real estate market, you MUST be on the cutting edge. Using the concepts in my Platinum Program will put you on that cutting edge while putting more money in your pocket.

    Back in the day, if you were investing in real estate, chances are you were driving around looking at beat up houses, wrestling with bandit signs, and basically doing everything yourself.

    The good news is...those days are over! You can forget all of that. Virtual investing is THE way to go. It truly is. Virtual investing is real estate investing on steroids!!!

    Hi, my name is Duncan Wierman, but you may know me better as Mr Real Estate Wizard. I can say that about myself because I've learned the secrets to making massive money in real estate, all from the comfort of my own home. Now...I want to show YOU how easy it can be to duplicate my results.

    After sending for and studying the real estate information from the late night gurus, I knew there was a better way. I set out to discover all the answers I needed to succeed.

    The Internet was the obvious answer. It was cheaper, more effective, and allowed for all my guerrilla marketing techniques.
    I quickly started making money, more than I'd ever thought possible. So much success that my part-time curiosity became a full time passion. I became a full time investor within just 6 months.

    For the last 7 years, I've been relenting hunting down, testing and proving every little-known way to force my investing business to explode with new profits and more deals.

    It's paid off. My marketing bag of tricks is now bursting with specific, no-brainer ways to put your bottom line on steroids. I continue to refine my Platinum Real Estate System with the latest cutting edge research, using shortcuts that make your path to riches shorter, easier and more fun than ever before. I encourage you to sign up for my system today so you can begin living the good life too. I've created a step-by-step program that takes you by the hand and shows you how to get started buying and selling houses for a profit within 30 days.

    This new system has been used by brand new investors to achieve stunning profits in just 30 days, regardless of experience. A computer, my system and a desire to build your business into a profit-making machine is really all you need.

    My program works when the economy is bad, when competition has gotten murderous, even when everything else has failed miserably. You get to be in on the insider stuff that can change everything for you.

    Get ready to discover the simple Internet strategies that can allow you to quit your job in as little as 90 days and create a 7-figure business in under 6 months from today. You'll have everything you need to go from newbie to pro. Every second you spend with my system will help you make bigger, better, faster and more satisfying deals.

    You'll also gain Members-Only Access to my exclusive website filled with the latest, cutting-edge techniques, tools and strategies to grow your business.

    When you really understand that marketing, specifically online marketing, is the key to your success, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. When you move marketing to the center of your business, your success changes dramatically.
    I guarantee it.

    "If you're looking to put your real estate investment business on TURBO CHARGE, sign up NOW! Duncan has assembled the very best advanced cutting-edge real estate marketing, buying and sales tips and techniques that you will find on the Internet or anywhere else. I've heard him speak at a local event and it is obvious that he is a master of his craft. I recommend his materials to anyone interested in taking their business to the next level!"

    - Ken Webb, Oviedo, FL


    Using my methods, count on...
    • no more cold calling
    • no more knocking on doors
    • no more paying for expensive advertising
    • no more costly snail mail
    • no more searching county records
    • no more paying for expensive and useless foreclosure listing services
    • no more dealing with realtors
    • no more answering the phone


    Don't just take my word for it.

    Listen to what Platinum Members have to say...


    headshots"I honestly had some doubts that your course could be so simple. I was wrong! The way you also present the course to help take the "newbie" fears away is excellent. The one thing that really was eye opening was when you said, its easier to find a house for a buyer, than a buyer for a house .. and its true. I was able to build a list of 83 HUNGRY Buyers in 3 days. Then I implemented Step 2 to find motivated sellers..and it worked ...and it was so easy... I made 6,700 in one weekend!

    Francis Sawyer - Chattanooga TN


    img2"Just wanted to let you know that I have a signed contract from the owners, to take over a home "subject to the existing mortgage"!!! :) :) The mortgage payments are $725 a month with a current tenant in the property paying $1000 a month. The yearly taxes will be paid by the seller and the HOA are paid up for the year. The property is valued at $160K and I am taking over the mortgage payoff of $125K.

    This is my first "subject to" deal. All the short sales and equity splits I have purchased have had a mortgage attached to them, so it feels really good.

    - Lori Haffner Charlotte, NC


    img3"My husband and I are over 60 and have bought many Real Estate courses, some pretty good, most too general. I knew I needed to learn the online marketing but didn't want to just have another course on my shelf. I decided to take Duncan's course because he took the time to tell me I could do it and he would help me. When I started, about 6 weeks ago, I didn't know how to do much except e mail and surf a little. His website is chock full of information and help. His course has all the little secrets and tricks you will need for marketing on the internet, you don't have to spend a lot of money taking a lot of other courses, he has so much to offer. I think anyone looking for a great online course, should know that it would be well worth your time and money, to take it from Duncan. Duncan is hands on, friendly, kind, honest and caring. I would have to say that is what sets him apart from the rest (that I have met or heard about). He will help you wherever he can. I can't say enough good things about him and his course. Thanks Duncan, you're great!

    Sue & Cliff Burdett, DuPont, WA



    Here's why I believe my Platinum Program is THE answer...

    • Produces fast cash...

      We all need more money as fast as possible. Using the Platinum Program, you can start generating profits within a few short weeks. When you follow my program, those profits multiply quickly.

    • Shockingly simple...

      I will show you a shockingly simple way to build up your monthly cash flow. Believe me, there's no better feeling than seeing lots of cash build up in your bank account.

    • This is when the magic happens...when the checks start pouring in...

      A quick influx of cash to pay bills is OK. The Platinum Program not only provides a monthly cash flow; it also enables you to create a money machine.

    • Requires little cash to get started...

      You can start your home business with little of your own money. I will show you how. By the 90th day, you can be enjoying an income that comes in on auto-pilot. After 6 months, you won't be able to turn off the "money spigot" even if you tried.

    • Easy to understand...

      The Platinum Program is easy to understand. I give you a complete plan to follow. You don't need to be a computer geek. You don't need to be a real estate professional. The only thing you DO need is the desire to learn...and the willingness to follow his step by step instructions.

    • A proven system...

      This is not just a great way to make money from home. It is a way for you to take back control of your financial situation. It is proven. It is probably more secure than slaving away at a 9-5 dead end job.

      Don't kid yourself. Working for someone else is the pits. It only makes THEM rich. Besides...in this great country, with trying times staring you in the face, it is not necessary to stay at your job, unless you want to, of course. Using the Platinum Program, you can replace your current income quickly...PLUS...have the security of true financial freedom from this amazing business.

    • No special training is necessary...

      You don't need a fancy college degree to make your business work. You will, however, learn to make money in the real world. Using the Platinum Program, you'll look at real estate differently. Opportunities will become apparent everywhere you look. And you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

    • Thanks to amazing Internet technology...

      Within a few short weeks, you'll be able to start making money automatically from the Internet. You won't have to sweat for money any longer. Follow my instructions and the big bucks will come. You'll be happily surprised when you wake to cash in your bank account every week.

    • Hand-holding guidance...

      With the Platinum Program, you get step by step, a-z, hand-holding guidance that ensures you do everything right and make the most money the first time. It's like having your private adviser looking over your shoulder.

    • Your new life as a stay at home Internet entrepreneur begins...

      The Platinum Program is the most fool-proof, quick and easy way for absolutely anyone to start making spectacular money from home, using a computer and the power of the Internet. It's what I and countless others have used to break free from the clutches of the rat race and make nice incomes from home.

      As you can see, I've discovered a way to make money. I think this business is the best way to make all the money you will ever need. You will replace your current income. You'll be able to work from home...or anywhere there's an Internet connection. Money will be deposited into your bank account round the clock. You will build a business that will set you up for life.

    • Four reasons this moneymaking program works like crazy...

      Reason #1: This moneymaking program leverages the power of real estate and the world wide web. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can do business with people all around the world. Hook your computer up to an Internet connection-at home, in an Internet cafe, in the library, or wherever and you're in business.

      Reason #2: The Platinum Program relies on a proven model. There's no guesswork on your part. Everything you need to know is covered in a simple step by step fashion. It takes mere days to get up and running. You need only 2 hours a day to get going. Then...you can put in as much time as you want. When the checks start rolling in, it's so much fun, you'll never feel like you're working.

      Reason #3: This moneymaking program is known only by a small group of people. Which means there's hardly any competition. You can make lots more money when you become aware of the secrets in the Platinum Program.

      Reason #4: The Platinum Program is set up to give you periodic big paydays. Every once in a while, you'll be cashing very big checks. You can take those and run, or reinvest them into your business. Either way it won't matter, because, before you know it, you'll be getting another big check. The process never ends as long as you keep using the program secrets.

    • Financial freedom...

      Imagine how fortunate you will feel when the checks come rolling in. You'll have more money in your bank account than you used to make all year. Pay off your home. Pay off your cars. Never have to deny yourself or your family of the good things in life.

    • The Platinum Program can work for you

      You just have to be open-minded... and willing to follow my idiot-proof instructions.

    • You make money or you don't pay...

      I am so confident that you'll make increasing money with his Platinum Program that he offers this rock-solid, no-risk guarantee. Experience real estate and the power of the Internet at OUR RISK!

    Duncan, you've already convinced me. Let me skip the rest of your incredible benefits and let me sign up right now!

    "I was just introduced to your site by a colleague of mine and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was. You have a wonderful site...very professional! I will certainly recommend to my investing club your site."

    - Mike Diamond

    "The site is an amazing collection of high-end quality information. The valued access to the collection of data and articles on MrRealEstateWizard.com far exceeds the membership fee. Great work. Thanks again."

    - Jim Roche.


    "This Site is PACKED with ideas and information that is usable for the beginning investor, such as myself. The best real estate education investment I have made so far hands down!"

    - Eboton "Reggie" Jackson




    Membership has its privileges
    Exclusive Members Only Access

    When you sign up for my Platinum Program, you also receive exclusive access to the Members Only section of my website. It is filled with timely, topical, and the best updated tips, tactics and strategies to help you respond to changing marketing conditions.

    In the Members Only section

    Build your business on the Net

    In this section of my site, you'll find hundreds of specific guidelinesfor taking your business to the next level.

    Topics include:

    • Probate Investing Secrets
    • Foreclosure / Shortsale Profit System
    • Wholesaling For Fast Cash
    • Virtual Real Estate Investing
    • How to Flip Bank Own Houses For Cash in 30 days
    • Joint Venture Facilitation - Make Money without ever selling a house
    • Lease Option Matching -  Make Money with over-leveraged houses
    • How To Automate Your Business into only a 5 hour work week!
    • Business Process Maps and Checklists
    • Online and Offline Internet Marketing Plans 
    • Bulk REO Investing Secrets
    • Lead Generation Strategies 
    • How to dominate your market and beat your competition every time
    • How to find and fund all your deals with private lenders
    • Adwords, SEO, Video Marketing, Web 2.0 Strategies.....

    "I can't believe all the new marketing ideas that I continually get from Duncan every month. An awesome way to get your business off the ground without having to spend loads of money!"

    - Matthew Roybal

    "Thanks for a great membership sight. It is worth every cent and more. We are already fairly successful in real estate investing having done over 50 deals. The information in this site will help us take it to the next level."

    - Jill Wyner


    Are you ready to be a success?

    My Platinum Real Estate Business Building Marketing System will show you how to use the Internet to market your business so effectively, so easily, that you'll have a continuous flow of sellers and buyers calling. Pick and choose who you deal with. Select only the transactions that make you the biggest returns.

    Doesn't that sound great? It really is. I should know because I'm giving you everything I've learned which has allowed me to live a life of luxury for close to a decade now. Now it's your turn!

    headshots"I first heard you speak at Jeff Adam's Ontario event in December and was blown away with you knowledge, experience and communication skills. After witnessing your session, you were the "tipping point" for me to join the coaching program and after last night's webinar, am I ever glad I did.I can't believe all the rich content you have in your "Members-Only Area". I feel privileged to have access to all this great stuff in one place!"

    After spending the last 20+ years in senior executive mortgage banking positions (CEO, President, SVP, etc of various national mortgage companies and banks), I have experience with Loss Mitigation and REOs, but on the lender's side of the fence.

    I'm new to this side of real estate investment and want to get the best advice and training available. Since September I have invested heavily in REI education (five figures and counting...) with various so-called "gurus". After reviewing several coaching programs and material, I strongly believe you have the best, most current, Internet relevant value proposition out there - not to mention a strong sense of "always doing the right thing" - a value I also hold dear.

    Thank you for your desire to share your experience and knowledge with others. I know folks like me will greatly benefit from your efforts. I look forward to our next session. Keep up the great work and know you make a difference.

    Mark Dameron


    Here's everything you'll receive...

    Platinum Real Estate Investing AND Marketing System Retail Value
    1. Web 2.0 and SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Market $995
    2. The Fast Start Marketing Plan - Operational Strategies to Make Top Profits in 30 days $495
    3. 124 Lead Generation Strategies To Make Huge Profits $995
    4. Search Engine PPC Marketing Secrets  $297
    5. Video Marketing For Maximum Exposure $97
    6. Blog Marketing Series - Local Area Exploitation Manual $297
    7. The Power Forms and Marketing Docs Disk $199
    8. Outside The Box Marketing Monthly Newsletter $99
    9.  "Cash on Demand Strategies" - When you need money this month ! $995
    10. How to Sell Your Houses Within 24 Hours - Hungy Buyers List Strategies $995
    11. Finding Private Money Lenders To Fund Your Deals $995
    12. Virtual Investing with Virtual Assistants$995
    13. How to Buy and Sell Real Estate on Ebay$995
    14. Researching Marketis Virtually For Maximum Profits$995
    15. Birddog Training Course $995
    Total: $13,605.00
    Your Special Online Price: $  2,497.00
    You Save............................................................................... $11,108.00

    You'll also receive 9 incredible
    BONUSES ($15,250 VALUE)

    Absolutely FREE!
    When you enroll in my Platinum Program, you'll get your hands on 9 of the hottest bonuses ever offered online,
    a $15,250 value...Absolutely FREE:


    BONUS #1:
    Duncan's 26-Week Rookie to Riches Mentoring Course :

    If you're a newbie or even a seasoned veteran, you don't want to miss this! Duncan's exclusive 6-month program sets you up with everything you need to keep your business on track and moving forward. As he expounds on the key fundamentals of the System, Duncan offers you weekly homework assignments (don't worry, they're fun) that will assure you of staying on your track to success. With step-by-step guidance, you've got your very own "franchise plan" where it's all laid out for you to follow and is almost impossible to blow. Value - $900

    BONUS #2:
    Duncan's Transactional Funding!

    Imagine getting your hands on proof of funds and deal  funding when you need it anytime.  That's right; Duncan is opening up his pocket book to fund your deals!  While other people charge you to access their funding letters, you can use Duncan's instant proof of funds to submit with your offers.   Value - $499



    BONUS #3: Silver Bullet Business Plan for Real Estate Investors

    Without a business plan, you might as well not even get started. With the System, of course, Duncan lays out everything you need, including the best resources available today. With the Silver Bullet Business Plan, you are guaranteed to be able to make the ultimate impression of professionalism and quality to private money lenders everywhere. But, be prepared, with what you learn in the System as well as the stellar business plan you'll present, lenders are going to be knocking down your door to give you money. Value $395



    BONUS #4: Super Secret Scripts that WORK!

    Afraid that even with all of Duncan's amazing step-by-step, so-easy-anybody-can-do-it plans and strategies that you'll still be afraid of what to say when you're talking to buyers, sellers, and as you create your dream team? With Super Secret Scripts that Work, you can put that worry away for good. You'll learn exactly what to say to seal the deal every time. And, best part is you don't even have to memorize the scripts, you can read them right over the phone and never stress again about saying the wrong thing that might cost you the deal. Value $549


    BONUS #5: The Online Lead Finder Software

    This handy software tool will allow you to be the Rain Maker of online deal making. Simply fire up this software application. Choose the type of lead you want, choose the area you are looking for, and let it run. In 30 seconds or less, you will have a list of hot leads Value $997



    BONUS #6:
    Duncan's "You Can't Miss" Telecoaching Calls 

    Real estate investing couldn't get any easier than this. As he covers the often confusing investment strategies found with Rent to Own, Wholesale, and Short-Sale/Foreclosure transactions, Duncan will make it crystal clear how you can capitalize on these lucrative deal types. With support like this, you're equipped with the help to successfully execute deals in any one (or all) of these real estate types.  Value $495.00


    BONUS #7: Motivated Seller and Hungry Buyer Internet System

    You know you need it. The System shows you how to use it for untold gain, and now you're getting it for free. Your very own website with Customer Tracking and Automated Follow-Up makes you a dangerous commodity on the open market. Paired with everything you're about to learn in the System, you're going to be unstoppable. Your only limitation will be how much money you can imagine making. Value $1,995.00


    BONUS #8: Two Tickets to My Hands-On "Advanced Internet Mastery Academy"

    When you can get a ticket, they're $2,500 each. But, because they almost always sell out, this bonus might just be priceless. Get up close and personal with Duncan as he guides you through every aspect of exploiting the web to your benefit. Every shortcut. Every loophole. Every technique that he's personally developed and mastered and is now going to share with you. In this one bonus alone, you're receiving more valuable information than most other online real estate training programs offer for their total cost. And, you're getting it for free!   Value $5,000.00


    BONUS #9: Secret Automation Software Bundle:

    We trust you, but we can't reveal what Duncan has in store for you with this bonus. It's a combination of software products that, well, the simplest way to describe it without exposing what it is...It's going to be your Number One, Most Important Insanely Fast Way to Wealth! You're going to have to sign up to discover how mind-blowing this bonus is...really, if you sign up for no other reason, this would be it. Value  $4,000.00


    "Wow, Duncan, This Really Is The Mother of All MEGA Bonuses..."

    Call me crazy, but I thought 9 bonuses worth over $15,250 was just not enough for you...so, I dreamed up one of the best bonuses I've ever personally heard of...and I think you'll agree...but, you have to be one of the first 40 people to sign up to access this amazing bonus before June 1, 2020, 2:06 pm EST

    BONUS #10: 10-Point Adwords Critique and Personal Phone Consultation

    bonus10 Would you like some personal consultation time with me? I will include a "10-Point Advertising Critique" certificates. Any time that you want your Adwords critiqued personally by me, it shall be done. I know how to take any ad and make it better  instantly. I'll "tweak" your ad so it's a monster!

    But, that's not all...to help you pull everything in my System together and make sure you've got it optimally customized for your goals, I am also including two special "Free 30 minute Phone Consultation" certificates. Use them any time you need. That's A Full-Hour, just you and me discusing anything to fine-tuning your business for success!

    But, believe it or not, there's still more to this amazing bonus...I'm also including "Email Follow-Ups." I've discovered that is much more efficient for us and a better value for you if I answer all your post-consulting questions via email. It guarantees you that you'll have the answers to your most pressing questions on paper, so you don't have to worry about forgetting what we discussed. It's like having a top marketing expert in your Rolodex ready to respond fast to your questions when you need him. Because I believe in you, the System, and your potential for outrageous success, I'm happy to offer this incredible bonus.

    Sign Up Now as fast as you can so you make sure you're one of the first to get in...

    Bonus #10 is truly priceless (you'll see what I mean as a Member!)...but only if you're one of the first 40 to sign up before June 1, 2020, 2:06 pm EST


    With these insanely great resources, it's almost impossible not to start making money immediately. In fact, if you order now, you'll beat all of the other hungry investors with insider information that only I can give you. I will show you how to lock up your first deal in 30 days or less!

    Special price alert...

    I can't wait for you to start learning the secrets that have brought my clients and me so much good fortune. I'm offering an i special discount price (for a very limited time only)  Normally offered at $2,997.00, to get it at $500 0ff, only $2,497.00

    Others charge up to $10,000 or more for similar material, and that does not include the $15,250 in bonuses I'm offering with my Platinum package. You can benefit from these materials for only $2495. Over a 6 month period, that's less than $14 a day. I think you'll agree that making a fortune is worth investing $14 a day.  As a continuing Member, pay only $97 per month 2 months later to receive timely money making information.

    It's only $2,495 for now. I plan to raise the price. Grab your spot while the cost is low!

    Cost? To be honest, you shouldn't be thinking cost at all. You should be thinking lifestyle investment. What's a better lifestyle worth to you?  If you subscribe now, you'll receive my program within seconds. This is an online course system, not a bunch of cumbersome binders and disks that would take weeks to arrive and go through. Order now and begin reading right on your computer screen right after.


    Yes! I want to use Duncan's quick and easy methods for generating more leads and finding all the motivated sellers and hungry buyers I need. I also want private lenders that line up and practically beg me to take their money!



    I'm only selling 1000 memberships. Then...no more signups...Ever!
    Don't miss out!


    I have a one year, $120,000 dollar guarantee !



    Yours in success,

    Duncan Wierman
    Mr. Real Estate Wizard