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Day 9 – Prospecting Using Google Alerts and IFTTT

Using Google Alerts to reach out at the right time puszle

There are many people that have never used Google Alerts before or do not know how to use them properly.  Google Alerts is a simple tool that can help you do that AND get prospective leads, too.  Best of all, it’s free!   Google Alerts are like your “secret weapon.”  Make free technology work hard for you.  A Google Alert is an email notification that you set up with your keywords.  It notifies you whenever those keywords are posted somewhere in an article, blog or another site on the Internet.

If you do have Google Alerts already set up, don’t tune me out yet! There may be a few ideas in here that you haven’t tried yet…

Google Alerts are notifications that you receive by email when a particular search query you have pre-set gets found by Google. The most common is a URL alert. For example, I could tell Google that I want it to notify me every time it finds a new mention of  “” anywhere on the internet.

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Day 7 – Voice Blasting and Text Blasting

This method is very inexpensive and simple to do. Its done using the latest online voice blasting services. I call it “Dialing for Dollars”.   Are you willing to do this to make 3 – 5 K this weekend?   This is the next step I do after a few days of my first Online Lead Finder Software Marketing campaign.

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Day 26 – SlideShare

You need to be using SlideShare.

In this article I’ll reveal how to use SlideShare to generate quality leads.  SlideShare is the world’s largest content-sharing community for professionals.

Data collected by ComScore and presented in an infographic by Column Five Media, SlideShare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing, reveals SlideShare has 5 times more traffic  than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (which now owns SlideShare).

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Day 21 – E-Book Creation and Marketing On a Zero Budget For More Leads

There are a number of ways real estate investors  can leverage an eBook to achieve a variety of outcomes, from building a brand to attracting traffic, and everything in between.


 I want to present a guide to creating your own eBooks from the idea stage right up until distribution. I’ll also describe various ways you can use the eBooks you create to build buzz and achieve individual outcomes. Best of all, the process can be completed without spending a cent.

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Day 10 – Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads, Contacts, and more ..

How to Market Your Real Estate Business with LinkedIn offers marketing for both small and large businesses. Marketing on LinkedIn involves working through your own network, using both your current contact list as well as potential contacts in the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn Stats: Why You Must Master LinkedIn – LinkedIn is Where the Influences ARE!

Here are some of the Statistical Highlights on LinkedIn that you really need to know for your business.

  • Average Age: 41
  • Household Income: $109,703
  • Male: 64%
  • Household Income $100k+ 53.5%
  • Own Smartphone/PDA: 34%
  • College Grad/Post Grad: 80.1%
  • Business Decision Maker: 49%
  • EVP/SVP/VP: 6.5%
  • 24% Have a Portfolio Value of $250k+
  • Job Titles:
  • C-Level Executives 7.8%
  • EVP/SVP 6.5%
  • Senior Management 16%
  • Middle Management 18%
  • 50% Are Business Decision Makers in Their Companies

LinkedIn has Company Pages!

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Day 8 – Getting Started with Pay Per Click Marketing


Google Adwords is the fastest way and the best Return On Investment (ROI) advertising strategy to get your business leads fast.

How does it work? You create your ads You create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your investing strategy.

Your ads appear on Google When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in your offering.

You attract customers People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. It’s that easy! However, there are many tricks and techniques to get better results and to keep your bids at the top at the lowest price.

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Start Your Internet Marketing Journey Here

We think we’re in the real estate business. That is a fundamental mistake!

It’s true that we have checks written to us in exchange for services of buying and selling houses, so it’s understandable to think we’re in the business of real estate.

When someone at a party asks what we do, we naturally say “I’m in real estate” So when we look at growing our businesses, we look at what we do for the levers. And that’s the mistake.

“You’re in the business of “marketing your real estate abilities”

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Day 2 – Lead Generation Software – The Online Lead Finder


Finding motivated sellers and buyers is the backbone of your business.  If you have been like most investors, you got yourself a wholesale house under contract and you need to quick turn it fast. Today I  will show you a very quick and easy method ( it cuts out hours of work) to find hungry buyers!   This is a software tool that automates the task of doing it manually. It allows you to find fellow investors who buy properties at wholesale prices. Find out the secrets below using the Online Lead Finder.

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Day 3 – FaceBook Marketing


Facebook networking extremely easy.

In the “old” days you had to go to REIA’s, other networking events, and generally bug people in person to find leads. If you are honest with yourself, you may have had good intentions of handing out your business cards but never really got to the end of the box. I know when I started, I heard people telling me that I had to hand out 500 business cards every month. I dreaded that thought. Honestly, how many of us have boxes of unopened business cards sitting around doing nothing?

People, in general, are also fearful of going up to someone in person and meeting them without some go-between to make it easier. Ask yourself, where are we supposed to find the time to network person to person? Well, now that problem is solved. The internet’s social networking sites allow you network like a pro online. Facebook is one of my favorite sites to start with. Find out how to do target networking and marketing below to get you a ton of leads:

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