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Email Marketing – The Basics

E-mail marketing strategies are not really very complicated and can easily be used by just about anyone.

 This form of advertising is being used by hundreds of thousands of companies all over the world. If your small business hasn’t joined the movement then you could be missing out on revenue, customers and brand recognition. Like all things in small business, you have got to start somewhere. Now is the time to begin your company’s e-mail marketing campaign. This report will get you started quickly and easily.  Continue reading Email Marketing – The Basics

How to Market to Motivated Sellers and Hungry Buyers

Solid communication is very essentially a key to the door of success in all aspects of your life. It’s accepted that in order to reach as many good clients as possible, every business, large or small requires establishing a well thought out marketing plan. There are as many ways for marketing your products. Just to mention the most general categories are Internet/web, radio/TV, print ads (magazines, newspapers, industry journals, etc), and other direct mail (postcards, flyers, etc). There are few specific techniques and methods, which applies to each of these methods, with different “tweaks” that would be employed for each type of business or any product. Still, there are few basic concepts behind marketing, which always apply, regardless of the company type or marketing method. Take a wise look at these established “do’s and don’ts” list. There are perhaps at least a few tips given below that you could incorporate into your business practice immediately to increase your real estate marketing. Continue reading How to Market to Motivated Sellers and Hungry Buyers

AutoResponders – A Must Have To Automate Your Follow

Your one-stop guide to choosing and using email autoresponders to enhance your website!

Setting up and using email autoresponders on your site is an easy way to make repeated contact with your visitors. Studies have shown that more than 60% of a site’s visitors who eventually end up buying a product or service don’t do it on their first visit. Email autoresponders are one way to make your site “sticky” — encouraging your visitors to return and make that purchase!

Continue reading AutoResponders – A Must Have To Automate Your Follow

How To Get Around Spam Filters PLUS Free Software

As you are growing your buyers list, you will find that email deliverability gets harder and harder. With that in mind, you are going to love this bonus email spam filter checking tool. Simply run your email through this software, to let you know how to analyze your email chances against a spam filter. I also have put together the most common words that get your mail stuck.. Solve your email sending problems today. Continue reading How To Get Around Spam Filters PLUS Free Software