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Coaching Call How To Get An Unsecured Credit Line To Fund Your Business

Of all questions we receive from our group regarding real estate investing, one of the most frequently asked questions is how do I find the funding resources to execute the deals?

You will often hear the reply of cashing out your 401K, assuming you had one.  Spending your entire retirement savings is a very risky choice.

You will also be told that you should go the route of private or hard money lending, however they will always require significant collateral and probably a large percentage of your profits.

Some may be fortunate enough to forgo all worry as far as how they will obtain capital for their business. Not all of us are that lucky.

Here is the good news. I have a found a way to fund your real estate deals. You have most likely not heard about an opportunity that can provide between $50,000-100,000 per person in unsecured funding, provided you meet the criteria to qualify for this unique funding program. I met the CEO of Aurelian Commercial Lending, John Syron. Mr. Syron has developed a program after 34 years in the business that enables small businesses and real estate investors the ability to obtain capital.

Even if you are simply in need of  extra cash to get your business started, or  you could use the additional funding to provide momentum, be sure to sign up for this free seminar on how to find access to the cash you need.

  • This program does not ask for collateral
  • This program does not require you to have assets on deposit at a bank.
  • You will not be required to provide any personal financials and you can be retired and still qualify
  •  Individuals who are new to the business and have no experience in real estate can qualify.

Please watch the 30 minute video below Continue reading Coaching Call How To Get An Unsecured Credit Line To Fund Your Business