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How To Buy And Sell Houses Virtually

Now it’s time that we are put the different pieces of the puzzle together.  In this section we will go over the simple steps of making money in real estate without leaving your house. Once you understand this you can get your first deal going within 15-20 minutes. You can do these deals from anywhere you choose as long as you apply the model.

First let’s do a quick recap of the kinds of deals you are going to be doing, since you want to be able to work with any buyer, seller, investor, etc you must have an arsenal of tools and solutions at your disposable. Now we need to know the categories that each potential deal will fall under.

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Getting Tenant Buyers Qualified

Question I am often asked in how to get lease option tenant buyers qualified

Question: How can I get my better tenants qualified for a mortgage even though they have very poor credit histories for the most part? These houses are currently privately held deeds with no mortgage what-so-ever. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Getting Tenant-Buyers qualified is like trying to get the mud off of pigs. It may seem like a steep hill to climb but you can do it. Tenant selection is going to be your first priority.

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